Welcome to My Website

Hello and welcome to my web site. Thanks for visiting. This web site is very different from most of its kind, because everything written here is for you, the reader. I have been directed to tell you this right off the bat, because I use my gift—or my talent, if you will—in quite a different way from other psychic researchers and healers: I write!


Of course, I also speak and am happy to do so anytime, anywhere, because after a life-time of doing this work, I hear what must be told. It’s called clairaudience—having to do with hearing and listening.


I am a psychic researcher and healer. I have worked in many facilities, taught classes and worked with people one on one to help them in whatever way they need. I often sense what a problem is and can work from that point of view as well. That’s called clairsentience—having to do with feeling and touching. However, I will never tell you whom to marry, how to find your soul mate, etc. This is entirely up to you. It is you who make your shopping lists, not anyone else!… Read More