Jean_imgI am a native of New York City and was born to a family who allowed me to mostly be. When my brother was very young, I was the only one who could understand the language he spoke and would be called on whenever he was ill to find out what the problem was. That was when I realized I was different from the others in my family. I not only knew exactly what he was saying but knew what was going to happen before it did and even knew who was calling before the telephone rang.


My family insisted I get a diploma in education even though I wanted only to go into theatre, but they were right and I taught for many years in the New York City School System using my abilities to help troubled children. Therefore, I was given all the difficult upper grade children and had a blast until my Principal told me to take all my saved sick days and go do Summer Stock for which I bless her to this day.


In 1972 I was led to a New Age group associated (clandestinely) in a branch of the United Spiritualist Church. The leader of this small but potent group, Rev. Gene Sterling, and I began working together, broke away from the USC and with an intense inner group formed ACCONA (The Active Communication Center of the new Age.)


We were essentially a research group and ended up with many followers. During this time I also did Children’s Theatre and Summer Stock and gathered even more people interested in The New Age and began teaching on my own, which has continued to this day. My goal and the goal of our group was always to help the Universe and Earth, the test planet that we are, with all specie forms ever created anywhere living here. Rev. Sterling became ill and returned home.


My channeled writing began in 1973 and has continued to this day. Many articles were published in “Sedona, Journal of EMERGENCE!” beginning in 1995 through 2000, first dictated by a group called The Lamplighter which melded into Mind Lucius, I-O & Co. The Shining, the Dolphins, The Christ, Sai Baba, Lord Metatron, and many other wonderful Beings contributed to these articles. All writing still continues being dictated to me.


I have been blessed to work solely with Source, The Christos and all The Angelic Forces as well as the Beings who live below Earth. We are living on a changing planet with a sun that is also changing. These changes will lead those who so desire into The New Earth which is becoming a reality with the changing lands, seas, and internal Earth compass. This is ascension.


I worked at Screen Actors Guild-New York for 24 years, retiring May 12, 2006. Since then I have been blessed in working successfully as a healer, teacher and intuitive researcher. I have also been blessed with jobs that allow me to assist a broad spectrum of people and the time and opportunity to continue my own growth at an accelerated pace. I work in the Quantum which is really within ourselves, as is all we want and need. It is just a matter of brining this out for all since we are now living in a blending of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions.