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New Age Entertainment by Dee Wallace – 10/21/2012 (5 Stars)


“I loved this book! Being a down-to-earth healer/actress, I so appreciated how Ms. Greer represents the principles of creation through fascinating story and metaphor. They should make a movie. Gee…I wonder if there’s a part… You will love this adventure. Dee Wallace”


Spooky Fun With Emma Epstein & her Felline Friends!” by S.L. Buckley-Tow- 2/21/2013 (5 Stars)


“Jean Gerson-Greer spins a delicious psychic mystery with “All That Matters.” Emma Epstein Ph.D. is our heroine and guide through some eerie and chilling sequences that have us traveling time, space and parallel worlds in this most intriguing who-done-it. Her two feline friends help Emma channel spirits, memories and epicurean feasts. JGG hits a home run with “All That Matters.” Fellow Readers-buy this book, curl up and have some spooky fun with Psychic Sleuth Emma Epstein and her amazing feline friends! EnJOY! All That Matters … S.L. Buckley-Tow [Tow rhymes with NOW]”


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