Hello all!


Are you tired of everything you’ve been doing, seeing, involved in and not getting anywhere?  I know the vast majority are fed up with this, but feel helpless in creating the changes needed in order to make things work correctly.


What I’ve just been told is mind blowing! We are all working in the wrong way and working too hard at it. We have all left out the one simple solution to everything – LOVING OURSELVES! Does this really work! Speakers over the Internet and on Telesummits have been alluding to this over and over, but have we really been listening? How can we achieve this feat?


It’s basically simple: repeat to your entire body, which also includes all of your past existences (bodies,) I LOVE MYSELF, I LOVE MYSELF, I LOVE MYSELF, or I LOVE ME, I LOVE ME, I LOVE ME, over and over and over. When this finally sinks in you will find you no longer judge any situation, which in and of itself, clears that problem up, even if it is not of your own making. I call it getting rid of the &$#* that has bogged us down because we were taught for eons this was the one and only way to do it-to behave, to bend to authority, be it our parents, grandparents, our teachers or our governments. These are the old patterns which are so deeply ingrained within all of humanity they cause the constant repetitive process we see today.


We have come ‘a long way, baby’ as the expression goes. We have developed and used computers, talked about and used the Quantum experience, and many other modalities including good, old fashioned prayer, but have we realized that we, now going from third dimension into fourth dimension, and many going into the fifth dimension especially when they are in mediation, are really exactly like the computers that have been developed? We are and have always been computers from the very beginning of all of life everywhere but were never allowed to know this or, if we did suspect this, to believe in it. Call us biological computers if you wish. Take this analogy and expand it for yourselves. You have a DELETE button and an ENTER button, right? We have always been taught to compartmentalize and put things in their correct folders, but is the information we’ve put in these folders what we need now? N-O, NO WAY! It’s time to clean house, just as we clear our computers and tablets and cell phones of stuff we no longer require.


Please realize we are all in the same boat. I find myself saying, “I give up!” when I can’t find something or figure something out. Well, after weeks of work, I am now able to catch myself at it and stop that thought so it doesn’t seep into all others like it. When I feel about to say it and I delete it. Another example is when I am writing, and see an email coming in with multiple attachments from someone I know, my automatic pilot says, “Oh, no!” because it means something is taking me away from what I am doing. I am only now beginning to realize the import of the “Oh, no!” phrase and how it gunk’s up the works for me and the person who sent it to me. I have made a vow to myself to catch myself every time I say something like the examples above and press the delete button in my conscious behavior. Mentally I see a big red button that says DELETE! Thank you Staples for that idea. Find what works for you and “go to it!”


I know this will not happen instantaneously and will take time to clear and clean up but I KNOW in my I AM totality it will work. Perseverance is the key. Try it! You will find the difference for yourselves and for those around you whether you are in your work place or helping someone to heal. As we change, so do all others. What is even more astounding to me, as this really begins to work, I feel happier within my total self! It is wonderful waking up with a smile and beginning my day on that long lost “even keel!”


N.B.: OK, GET READY! In another week or two, I will have a new WordPress website. Stay tuned and feel free to check it out. It is going to be smashing!!!!!!!!!! ☺


With Love,



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