Hello All,
Sorry to be so late in writing the monthly article but I had to get a new computer and even though the learning curve is easy, since it’s Windows 7, finding the best way of working has been fun but the keyboard is yucky! (Although those of you who know me well will say it’s my typing, and yes, I admit that’s true too!J)


This is going to be a wonderful month in many ways and there are all sorts of new energies coming in that have already begun: there will be a total lunar eclipse on April 14th, followed by a Grand Cardinal Cross involving Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus with all culminating on April 28th with a solar eclipse. Of course what we’ve all known or realized that even though dates are given the energies start to pull prior to the onset of such heavenly changes and those who are not tuned in to what is occurring become even more fearful, frustrated and upset because these energies are hitting them and they don’t know how to counteract them by sending Love, Love, Love from our inner or sacred hearts.

There are also severe weather changes and earthquakes that have occurred, for example in the Solomon Islands on April 5th they suffered not only a devastating earthquake but a violent storm as well and Ecuador experienced a humongous volcanic eruption. These are all Earth changes and there will be more. Our job as Light Workers, for that is what we are, is to send love and healing and whatever we can to the victims of these catastrophic changes and work more deeply on our own selves because these energies and catastrophes affect us even though we are not in the midst of them.


Remember all energy is free-flowing and everything IS ENERGY. It floats to and through us in the air we breathe no matter where we are located. What else can we do to help?
Smile and laugh a lot! When you leave your house smile at everyone no matter how dour they look. Your smile changes their energies even if they are completely unaware. It is a simple thing to do and you must do it no matter how you feel yourself. Know you are safe and will be safe. Know it in all of your cells, in your mind, and most of all in your brain and heart. And laugh a lot. When you experience the normal human pangs in your stomach or gut. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh. Doing so breaks up the miasmas and imprints around you and yours. Talk to your body so that it pulls itself together with your brain, inner heart, and all of your multitudinal parts and functions optimally all throughout your day and night. This is essential. Spread all of this through your actions and reactions. Treat yourselves gently and never forget DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY no matter what is going on anywhere. By doing this, you are sending your Love and Light. And remember, this is simple and easy to do! All it takes is a change of thought, And all thought, whether verbal or not are really prayers.


If you need help, ask Source and it will be. Speak to your own team of Angelic Forces and all of your Guides. Use them. They are there for you! Ask you ye shall receive; Listen and ye shall hear. These are active truths now and are there for the taking. Feel free to partake of the feast there to assist you and everything on our wonderful changing planet. Yes, include our planet in your thoughts and actions too!



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