Hello, Dear Friends,


Mind Lucius, I-O & Co. want me to tell you all to just “Hang in there!” There is absolutely no one on our beloved Earth who has not gone, or is not going through confusing times. The energies pouring into Earth are causing this and yes, it will even itself out. This really goes without saying. We are asking you all, especially this channel to be patient and to remember who you are!


YOU are the God of YOU! What does this mean? It means just what it says and it is up to you to become this for yourselves. Never before have the people of Earth been allowed to do this. You were always governed by the socio-economic and religious groups who wanted to control your actions and behaviors. This is no longer the case unless YOU WANT IT TO BE! It is your choice, but we do not want you to be left behind in this glorious New Aquarian/Golden Age.


How best to do this? It’s as easy as can be: Know this deep in your heart: combine it with your own masculine, feminine and child parts; pour it lovingly into your Brain (which is different from your mind – your mind being that portion of you that always seems to be speaking – and surround this in all the Light you already know because YOU are this Light; whenever you feel a negative thought coming in, switch it! BE POSITIVE AT ALL TIMES! For example, do not be swayed by the advertisements, especially those that tell you it is the season for you to have colds, flus, viruses, etc. YOU control this. If you allow one iota of those thoughts to enter into your Brain and God Self, two to one, sick you will become.


It is now your Divine Right Destiny to be the God of YOU! After all, God in any form is only ENERGY and since YOU are the God of YOU, you too, are ENERGY and as such you can create whatever you want or need for yourselves. Think of what it is you desire, place it in your heart and your brain, and bring in your masculine, feminine and child parts. Put all in all the light you can think of and LET IT GO!!! This does work! Be brave. Try it and you will see. But remember, once you allow your mind and brain to accept the opposite of what you want, it will not be. YOU ARE THE GOD THAT CREATES YOU AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT AND NEED AND PROGRAM.


We are already hearing you question this even before this is sent out! You MUST claim this for yourselves, as Dee Wallace’s channel says: “I AM the frequency of the BALANCE of masculine, feminine and child in every action of my life including my Brain which is, with my Heart, the two strongest governing forces I have been given. I AM whole and complete in my entire perfect physical being!” I AM saying this and therefore, IT IS SO!


I AM is the strongest phrase in this or any universe because it claims who you are! How can you bring it to fruition for yourselves in a quicker way? When you awake, plan your day with a SMILE and send it forth as described above! You will see that even if everything seems to be running amok for others, it will not be so for you. Be HAPPY! Smile! This is ENERGY!!!

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