Hello all you wonderful people.  I do hope you all had a magnificent Spring Holiday no matter how you celebrated.  This will not be a long article because it is something for you to think about and to find the answers for within yourselves, and what is more, it is not difficult.  It only takes you and your brains, minds, hearts and thoughts.  Oh, yes, don’t forget to include your masculine, feminine, child parts, the Golden Light and The Purple Flame in your hearts when doing anything.  These open your hearts purely so that you can accomplish whatever task you set out to do.


As you have noticed, the title of this article is AS YOU ARE SO IS EVERYTHING ELSE!  This is true. Whatever you are comprised of, cells, neurons, hormones, flesh, blood, bones, emotions, and so on, so is every other part of life, each in its own way.  Whatever is troubling you is in all probability troubling those in your immediate vicinity.  Take this a step further because what you feel so do the majority of beings in and on our planet.


How can you overcome these “feelings” and physical problems you “seem” to be facing?  First, go get yourselves checked out medically.  It is always important to know what is happening within your own systems.  But I can tell you now, that no matter what is found or what you feel it is due to a hormone imbalance.  Hormones are not only a physical part of your makeup, they are also thoughts: love, hate, fear, happiness, anxiety, peacefulness and the like are all hormones.  They are all alive within you no matter what stage in life you are currently in and no matter what sex you are.  YOU are the controller of these hormones.  And yes, your brain is so much more involved in the activation of these hormones than you ever thought possible.  Signals are sent from your pituitary (also known as your Third Eye) and your thalamus and hypothalamus to your body to activate these hormones.


The question becomes how do you control these parts of your being?  The very same way you control everything else:  USE YOUR POWER.  Do not let anything or anyone, even your own thoughts, take it from you.  For example I awoke this morning after one of those early morning dreams whereby an office moved (which actually happened to a dear friend this past week) and in resettling in the new space, I found that there really was not enough room for everything and everyone.  This is occurring in my own life whereby I may have to move after being in my small home for forty-five years.  The pit of my stomach was a mess when I finally deigned to get up, so I took a few deep breaths, smiling all the while and knowing that everyone in my dream was me in one way or another.  I pulled my power back into myself from those parts of me (including my hormones of fear and anxiety) stomped around for a while with my coffee after feeding my animal companion, Tabitha, and checking on my plants and patting them lovingly as I patted Tabitha, settling us all down, back into our own power.  I also used my usual trick of showering since water is Spirit to lock everything back into place.  And please note that instead of singing in the shower, I talk and talk and talk to my entire body and all of her parts naming them and calming them down as I do so.  Peace does return.  The stomping around did not continue, nor did the feelings of anxiety and fear, but the stomping around was necessary because I used that portion of my morning ritual to express my feelings, my emotions, so they could be recognized by my entire self and brought back into harmony for me and all around me.  As you do for yourself, so you do for everyone and everything on this planet.  Your own vibrations travel outwards from you and everyone begins to feel it one way or another.


There is so much for us all to learn – I should say re-learn these days – with all the new energies coming in but the most important thing to remember is you are The God of YOU!  This is the I AM principle.  If you remember one thing during your days and night, remember I AM.  I AM GOD.  I AM THE GOD OF ME – of all of me, and all else will follow suit.  As It Is Above, So It Is Below, and So It Is Within Each and Every Part of our Physical Beingness.


I adore and respect this claim that Dee Wallace found.  It speaks to me and I hope it speaks to you:  “I am allowing the manifestation of my creation to be born, to grow, and to develop into the greatest creation of itself possible.”  This reiterates for me that it is all my own doing; I am in charge of me and everything around and inside of me.  I do hope this speaks to you as well.  We are constantly creating just as our bodies are constantly creating and being reborn daily with new cellular and hormonal growth.  And what is even more important for me is that this “claim” makes me SMILE!  And when we smile, things do change.


I am told to tell you:  “Our Peace and Love We give Unto YOU, the forerunners of The New Earth.  You are here for a purpose.  You have all signed up for this YOU ARE the I AM of the current and the future. Together, and believe us when we tell you we are with you, we will succeed.  YOU ARE the Grace and Salvation you seek.”


The Christos


With these words I also send my love to all of you.


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Jean Gerson-Greer with Mind Lucius, I-O & Co.

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