Welcome Dear Readers,

This month’s Blog is in the form of a letter from my channel to you. I’ve been told this will be short and sweet with much food for thought for all of us.


“You are all in the process of changing in a wide variety of ways because you have so asked and also because all universes, planets and stars and their inhabitants are changing as well. You have made decisions to break some bad habits and even if you have kept them for only a day, it is a new beginning and the habit will just go. You are also finding your bodies and physiognomies are changing and this may even be without your direct asking.


FEAR NOTHING. You have all asked for this in your sleep states and it is being given to you. Much has been said about 2015 being the year when the veil has dropped completely and the help is right there but must be asked for and this is Truth and you have done so either consciously or otherwise.


We tell you to keep up the good work whether you are totally aware of it or not. This is all in preparation for The New Earth and YOU on The New Earth. Keep your brains, minds and hearts wide open and create what you want. Use your pituitary and pineal glands which run your physical forms to assist. Don’t know how? Investigate them, ask them.


No matter what you are doing or when, be yourselves and do so in Love. Love for yourselves which is the essential part of existence because when you Love yourselves you Love All in Existence no matter what is occurring in your current lives. Remember please you are all living in dimensions above the third and you do float back and forth between them. Be strong and faithful in your beliefs and in YOU.


All of this is occurring because YOU HAVE SO ASKED. Use the Violet Flame and The Liquid Golden Flame all the time. See them, live in them and all will be as you want it to be. IT IS SO.

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