Hello All,


So, you were expecting predictions? Well, here goes: Everything that will occur in 2016 is up to you and will only come to fruition if you do so in LOVE. It is time for you to play/experiment with what you’ve learned thus far using your experiences from your very beginnings on this planet or elsewhere.


To be successful you must LOVE. This is not only loving yourself, but loving everything you want. You can see it, plan it release it into the Ionosphere, send it to Source, but if you don’t really love it, it cannot happen. Give up what has been ingrained in you – STRUGGLE. You don’t need to struggle to achieve anything. If you do struggle, you cannot succeed. If you want to create, you have to fall in love with whatever you are creating be in a romance, money a new home, a new job – ANYTHING! 


All throughout 2015 we told you to Ask and Ye Shall Receive. This is still true. It is part of Seek and You Shall Find, it is like the hide and seek game children play. They let themselves go completely in that game and clear their minds and open their senses even if they are not aware of it or if their friends are saying, “hot” or “cold.”


In order as adults to do this, you need to keep your hearts open and filled with LOVE. When you don’t feel this Love emanating from you and you fall into the old patterns, just take a moment and renew the Love in your heart of hearts and the dross will pass.


Look at the little children around you or those you meet in the street or market or see in the parks. They are open and ready at all times, even when hungry or sleepy, to accept the love from their caretakers and even you as you pass them by or stop to admire them. This too, is LOVE. Watch as children create their own games no matter what toys they have or do not have. They are not being naive, they are using God’s gift – IMAGINATION. All youngsters of every species use this gift. It is those in human form who have this taken from them when they start to mature – usually around ages five, six or seven because it was told to them by the adults this was not the way to behave. This is how you were taught that struggle was the answer to everything you wanted and would make you great. This is no longer true. Well, dear ones this is a thing of the past. Struggle is NO MORE unless you want it to be. Think about this carefully!


Remember who you are! You are a part of EVERYTHING and therefore you are a part of Source, All Energy, God, or whatever you believe in.


Now the question we hear is: “What is LOVE?” It is a vibration. And believe it or not, it is now innate within you. Sit for a moment or two and allow this vibration of Love to fill your entire being. It is also healing – LOVE HEALS. It heals all the old wounds and as of the end of 2015, all of the old patterns that have prevented you from finding the success you crave for yourselves and your loved ones have been removed if you so choose to search out this LOVE VIBRATION.


This is a NEWNESS NOW WITHIN YOU NOW. It is yours to claim just by asking and believing in YOURSELVES AND IN SOURCE. It is there for the taking. Open your hands and your hearts. Ask for it and receive it in the LOVE in which it is given. IT IS SO AND SO IT IS.

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