Hello all! I know I said I wasn’t going to write any more “Articles” until after the summer but I have been directed to do this and it will be short!

The title, BELIEVE WHAT YOU WILL was just given to me and I immediately asked what in the name of All That Is does it mean. Here is the response being dictated as I type: “This simply means that everything is founded upon your own belief systems, no matter what they are or when you acquired them, which one can do at any age whether in physical form or spiritual form, for ideas and ideology change all the time. “The time now is set for everyone to find deep within their own heart centers the idea of loving oneself first and foremost because if you do not love yourself, you cannot, you simply cannot love anyone or anything else including whatever it is you are going through at this point in your time no matter where you live or what your weather is like or the storm systems, or the rivers, mountains, forests, animals (vertebrates and invertebrates), people-anything at all, including your own selves. Therefore, if you are ill at ease it is time now for you to enter into the deepest part of your hearts and rethink your belief systems. The old patterns are no more but something within the majority of people do not think this way or see it clearly. You cannot just take a pill and clear the old from within your beings. It takes work. It takes thought. It takes BELIEVING it to be so. Belief in yourselves and in what you have been learning and gathering into your consciousness since the beginning of your Earth year 2013.

“Many of you are beset by your old karmic patterns and you’ve no idea that you can clear them by yourselves. Well, you can as of now! I remind you that each of you is God and as such can enter into the Akashic Records, find his, her, its, old ones and fill them with Golden and Platinum Light and The Violet Flame Light and clear them out. Of course, in doing this, it is you who must forgive all of your parts who created these patterns from the Beginning, but that too, is now easy to do. Just say it and it is; but only if you believe it to be so. My ‘scribe’ just said this is all a pile of crap. But she really knows differently because this is now a part of her nightly routine before sleep. What so many are experiencing now is going through old patterns being mixed with the new causing havoc in many of your lives, planetary and Earth changes notwithstanding. Those who do not relate to what has just been written have found the keys to their new kingdoms through loving themselves in such a way that this love pours forth to all they either come in contact with or think about. You know the difference between old thought and new thought. Use it! Stop questioning every little thing. Just do it!
“The more you ‘do it’ the easier it will become for you. Within a matter of a very short time, you will be changed and these changes within you will be felt by everyone and everything around you and yes, you can still maintain your humanness as well as your humanity. They will blend together so that your auric fields become full of the true goodness and truth that is you.
“Remember always to use your brains, minds, hearts, and your masculine, feminine and child components and to send your love in the form of blessings to all and remember that you are all part of the I AM and therefore part of God or Source Energy for all is ONE.

It Is So. I AM Sananda who love you all deeply.

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