This past month you have been guided by different forms of All Energy. Ways of working have been given to you in Love, Joy and Happiness. Now it is your turn to put what has been given you to work, and to investigate this website for any private help you may require. Just look on the website but please note the prices are not written in stone. All Energy is more than willing to help you in this crucial time of change and the beginnings of your ascension (your own personal change which radiates out from you to the world and all universes!)

Now is YOUR time to activate yourselves, to go deep inside and pull up what you were born with, your own innate strength given into your DNA/RNA from the beginning of Time.Know all of the genetic markers have been changed (Epigenetics.)You have done this before on other planetary existences and the knowledge is still there. You are a culmination of many facets or parts and it is up to you to accept and love what you are no matter what you have ever done anywhere, or how you look or how you feel.Your past stores are no longer valid. Create NEW ONES!

You are here for a purpose and that is to KNOW you can achieve this because it is rightfully yours as given to you when you entered your first contract with All Energy at the very beginning of your first existence anywhere. This is true for all life forms, but the human life form in existence today has just begun to realize this. It was long hidden from you but all that has been uncloaked because your planet is changing as you well know. The ancient oppressions are no longer there unless you want them to be so. It is your choice as is EVERYTHING.Your past stores are no longer valid. Create NEW ONES!

It is completely understood that you can easily vacillate between what you know is the way you should go and then something or some thought or some pain comes up and backwards you go. Immediately stop what you are doing, open your heart wide and listen for that inner sound, the Light and the Presence of All Energy. It only take a moment to do this and you may have to do it 50 times a day but it will work. You see, dear ones, you are innately your own teachers. You are all shifting surely into human luminous light bodies through these changes in your thoughts, brains, and bodies. How wonderful!

Follow your path in righteousness and love and you will succeed.



Your planet has gone through mighty big changes this past June and more are still to come. Many will surprise you. Yet anger and fear have spread their wings amongst many and at the very same time understanding and forgiveness and LOVE are covering all, undoing the former. It is the latter that is most important for it illustrates that all the teachings from the very beginning of your planetary history are taking hold and you are standing on your own two feet and declaring your needs and your freedom from the enslavement you have been subjected to all these millennia.

This is you, co-creating The New Earth. ♥♥♥ Read more


Hold on to your hats, dearest ones. This is just the beginning of all the changes that are in line and coming with great Love and Respect to you and all on the planet known as Earth. How to best get through this time? I am repeating here what has been posted as the guide for you. I AM SANANDA, and this I tell you, all will be well but it is imperative that you follow what has been given by Source and The Christos, comprised of all GreatEnergies from Beginning to Beginning to Beginning.

5/24/16 “Let the Newness begin! You know of The Violet Flame but do you know its source? It is comprised of the Sapphire Blue of All Energy (God) and the Feminine Polarity of The Holy Spirit, Vibrant Pink in color. When you claim or invoke your I AM PRESENCE use The Violet Flame. Read more


Good Morning?! You awaken, not quite sure of where you are, even if you have children, spouses or pets calling for you in one way or another. You blink, shake your limbs, run to the bathroom and splash water on your face and then get into your daily routine with something deep in your conscious mind asking you to sit for a moment and try to remember why you awakened in this way.

You have your coffee or tea (extra strong) get the children ready for their day and/or tend to your pets and send everyone who resides with you on their way but still there is that nagging feeling in your consciousness. Do you take the time to sit down and ruminate or must you horridly get yourself ready to go to work? No matter what your life is like, these days everyone is going through the same thing. Read more


The energies that have been delivered this past month are continuing to hit every part of Earth and every other planet and star in your solar system. Many are leaving their physical forms and yes, you mourn for them, but know in your heart of hearts they are already hard at work to help you to co-create The New Earth from where they are. There is not one part of Spirit that is not working on this for as goes Earth (Gaia) so goes all else.

So much “new” information is coming out that one doesn’t know where to turn first. However, remember, this is really all innate within you and it is present now, if you choose, to remind you and open you up to remember from your earliest existences. It was all given then, but pushed away by the “leaders” and the socio-economic times you lived through all over the place, not only on Earth. Read more

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