“Hello Dear Ones and thank you in advance for reading these blogs and the daily posts we give through our sometimes unwilling scribe who is just as human as you and as we all once were.

“You have come through many unsettling times recently all due to the influx of energies. How can you prepare yourselves better? Just expect them and they will not cause you emotional or physical distress. If you know what is going to occur and you speak to your heart-brain connection and to all of your cells, they will understand and the impact will not be severe, but welcomed instead. Your physical forms need to be made aware of everything that is occurring. That way, they will not be upset and your bodies will function normally during these times of energetic stressors entering into your bodies, your planet and all of the systems thereon and therein. Read more


You have been told over and over this past month that wonderful things will be occurring beginning in February. There is truth here, but what has been left out is that it is YOU who will be creating it. How do you do this? You send out your Love and Light to all that is not going as you want it to go on and in your planet. You then inundate it with the Liquid Golden Light and The Violet Flame. That is all well and good. But is it enough?


Not by a long shot! You are only beginning your work because you need, through your Brain-Heart connection to see everything as you want it to be, not only for yourselves, but for your planet. Remember you are guests on Earth (Gaia) and yes, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE ONLY FOR YOURSELVES, but you are an integral part of The Whole, meaning Earth and Source. Therefore, YOU are the creators of whatever is to come. Read more


Hello All,


So, you were expecting predictions? Well, here goes: Everything that will occur in 2016 is up to you and will only come to fruition if you do so in LOVE. It is time for you to play/experiment with what you’ve learned thus far using your experiences from your very beginnings on this planet or elsewhere.


To be successful you must LOVE. This is not only loving yourself, but loving everything you want. You can see it, plan it release it into the Ionosphere, send it to Source, but if you don’t really love it, it cannot happen. Give up what has been ingrained in you – STRUGGLE. You don’t need to struggle to achieve anything. If you do struggle, you cannot succeed. If you want to create, you have to fall in love with whatever you are creating be in a romance, money a new home, a new job – ANYTHING!  Read more


If you think this year has been totally insane in many ways and a true whirlwind, just wait! Earth and quite a few other planet and star systems are all going through the same thing. However you are receiving great assistance from the star systems and planets that have already gone through these changes. Some of them have completely changed even eons ago and are therefore guiding you, their descendants in human physical form. For each of you has passed through these systems on your way to becoming human beings on the planet Gaia. And what is more, you remained on these systems in order to bring back the immense knowledge you do have and are just learning to tap into. While on Earth, you were “put to sleep,” until the time was right for everyone to awaken and remember.


We will not go into the history of this here, for it is well known, but suffice it to say it was done by those who came before you to control you and enslave you as well as to see what you would do. Remember, Earth was a test planet but all this changed as of 12/21/12. Read more


Hello All!


Once upon a time, a few four years ago, everything was different for Planet Earth and many other planets and star systems in all universes. As you are well aware, a new era for all of life was begun on Earth as of December 21, 2012 so we will not bore you with the immediate past changes. You are well aware of them.


However, the new changes that are being brought into and on to your planet now are strong and often times seem virulent. They are, but they are necessary, therefore they aren’t because now, each of you has the power to create changes in anything and everything that is happening.You know this and you have begun to use it with possible catastrophic weather situations, but are you using it for anything that is happening within your own sphere of influence? You may think you are but you are not being as successful as you can be. Read more

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