First an announcement: I will be a guest speaker on Greatest You Summit’s upcoming Series 5, hosted by Christine Williams. This series starts October, 5th 2015. I invite you to join me and many other speakers who can clear, unblock, repair and restore you to a better energetic state. Greatest You Summit’s intent is to help and guide you to blossom into your light. From a spiritual perspective Greatest You Summit brings you the speakers who can transform your life and boost your awareness with their processes, activations and gifts.


I am happy to share that I am scheduled to speak on OCTOBER 23, 2015 and my topic is – HOW CAN WE GET THEHELP WE NEED, and much more! The times are: 5:00PM PST / 6:00 PM MT / 7:00 PM CST / 8:00 PM EST. Don’t miss out, we enjoy and appreciate your participation and interaction! Read more


Welcome Dear Readers,

This month’s Blog is in the form of a letter from my channel to you. I’ve been told this will be short and sweet with much food for thought for all of us.


“You are all in the process of changing in a wide variety of ways because you have so asked and also because all universes, planets and stars and their inhabitants are changing as well. You have made decisions to break some bad habits and even if you have kept them for only a day, it is a new beginning and the habit will just go. You are also finding your bodies and physiognomies are changing and this may even be without your direct asking. Read more

WHY?!? or DO I HAVE TO?!?

Hello All!

I know, I know! There are very few people I’ve encountered who have not been asking a compendium of the questions given in this title and a multitude more. This made me question, what is wrong here. What we do not realize is that it is time to choose to either stay and be a part of The New Earth, or leave.


‘DO I HAVE TO’ is simply a question of choice and the choice is ours. Personally, I intend to stay until I am kicked out and this is the first time I’ve said this. In the past, I joked about the footprint on my rear end because I really didn’t want to come back here to begin with but with all that’s going on now, I simply refuse to leave, and that’s my truth. I’ve made my decision and I now float happily in The New World most of the time, and often have to remind myself where I am in my current reality. Read more


This age old quote from the Bible, and actually in all the Holy Books, is your key to all that is for you now and forevermore. The secret to this quote is the word, “THAT.” It is all inclusive of everything you were, are, and, yes, will be, because when you use I AM THAT I AM, you are declaring your rightful place as the God of YOU in all of your parts from beginning to beginning to beginning, and bringing them into your now reality in this wondrous time of change for yourselves and for your planet. Once you understand this, then the ability to ‘Ask and ye shall receive’ becomes a prominent reality for you to use every moment of every day since the way to receive what you ask for is open now. You are really everything that exists – the trees, flowers, animals, vegetable, minerals and even all man-made objects because you all have the same frequency and vibration – I AM THAT I AM.
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Everything is moving rapidly now. Time, the weather patterns, everything you can think of and you must move with it. How do you do this? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and understanding of everything that is as it should be. We know how hard it is for you to believe this with what you are going through emotionally, physically and psychologically right now, but we ask you to TRUST US and trust your Inner/Sacred Heart and the guidance it is receiving. Listen well to the wee, small voice within. You are NEVER alone. All forces that ever were are now back, ready and willing to be called upon by you, and all you have to do is ASK. In the Bible, “to Ask” is to CLAIM AND DEMAND. Do it. Know in your heart of hearts you will have all the help you require.
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