Hello all!

In our discussion with Jeannie a few weeks ago, we suggest this blog would be about Gratitude, but we have since changed our minds because once a thought goes out into the ethers it is picked up by all others who are listening and so many wonderful people have already written about Gratitude, especially since Thanksgiving in the United States has just passed.Besides, we too, pick up everything that hits the ethers, so who knows who sent out Gratitude as November’s idea?! So instead we will talk about LOVE.
We are well aware that the title of this blog is THE CRYSTALIZATION THAT SURROUNDS US, but believe it or not this is really all about LOVE. We all have this crystallization around us. Our very thoughts make this so, especially when the thoughts are negative such as “I really don’t want to do this.” Even when you go ahead and do whatever it is anyway. We will personalize this even more: Over the long holiday weekend, Jeannie wanted to do what is on her list of things to accomplishincluding; get cat food, return the warm boots she purchased that really didn’t fit well, and even vacuum and dust. And she does know that time can be expansive so that everything will get done including writing this. However, she began by saying a strong “No!” to writing, but here she is doing this anyway because she realized what she was doing and broke the negative crystallization pattern of her thoughts.
How did she do this? Easy! By remembering her mind is not the ruler of her being, her brain is. Your brains are your hard drives to your body and everything that impacts it. And when you realize this and implement it, you are doing so in LOVE. Love of what must be done, the time involved, and most of all, as a result, LOVING YOURSELF. If you say you are going to do things in Joy and Love, you are breaking down this crystallization. It is automatic because Joy and Love use the Golden Liquid and Deep Purple Lights to do this, and what is more all of this is surrounded by the Pure White Light of Source.
Now let us take this a few steps further. All that is going awry in your world is due to this crystallization that surrounds these malcontents, these people whose voices were never allowed to be heard until they grabbed the power they needed to be heard. Again we ask you, whenever you see such or hear of such to use the phrase given above immediately. It does reach them and it does make a difference if only for a moment. But one moment is compounded into many moments and you are not alone, for when using this phrase each and every part of you, including your own Angelic Forces and Guides chime in and add more power to your thoughts. In essence you are sending Love to those who are without it. Neat? We think so. And what is more it is making a difference even though your world has not seen any succinct results as yet. The more who do this, the sooner you will see the results you crave. You want miracles?Try this. It is just a shift in your perspective and by doing so you allow us to integrate with your brain and thoughts and align ourselves with you giving power in the form of love that has been lacking to those unhappy ones (for that is what they really are) which has allowed their hatred and distrust and anger to do what they have done and are doing.
But there is one caveat: you must LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE YOURSELF FIRST AND FOREMOST before you can truly love anyone one or anything else in this world or any world. How do you love yourself, especially if you have never known love? Go into your sacred/inner heart, align yourself with Earth and Source using the Golden Liquid and Purple Light and stand tall in your knowledge that YOU ARE BELOVED OF EARTH AND SOURCE because YOU ARE A PART OF EARTH AND SOURCE and they are there for you no matter what is happening. In other words, believe first and foremost in yourself and in your own POWER. When you realize that you are the God of you and that attaches you firmly with Source and Earth, and that you are therefore an Angelic Force on Earth, everything will begin to open up to and for you.
It is time for everyone who reads this now or in the future to do this because this is the set-up for all that is to come in 2015 and beyond. This is the beginning of the breakdown of the Crystallization that is no longer needed or acceptable for you and your beautiful planet.

Everything New is Newer Then Ever!

Hello all!


“WORRY NOT! We, The Angelic Forces and Ascended Masters, begin this blog in capital letters because the vast majority of people, including you, the reader(s), worry. Worry is a negative. Worry creates fear. We are here to tell you that worry only bogs you down and does not allow the NEW to come to you as it is trying to do. Last month was Topsy-Turvy but this month begins an active new calmness to all that already has begun. Relax, don’t worry and you will see! Be ready for any and everything and do take the words given below as they are given to you.


“There is so much that is really and truly new coming into your planet and to each living thing on your planet, including all human-made articles. Yet most of you do not see the new. You only see the old because you worry! Come now, dear ones, it is time to change your brains which are really the hard drives to the computer that is your body. You have more help now than ever before in the entire history of your planet. There is no veil covering up anything. It is all there for your taking, but you are still hesitant to partake of the new riches that are there for you. Ask for help and it is yours.


“You have just experienced two eclipses over the past month and yes, there have been wild weather patterns still in evidence because the entire structure of your planet and your sun are changing and yes, these will abate within the next two to three years as will all severe viral epidemics and disharmony among different factions of individuals.


“You are blasted by your media with news items that keep your worry in place. Even if you do not watch your television news or listen to your radio news you see it when you are in transit from the newspapers others purchase, or hear others speak about it constantly. No, we are not telling you not to purchase newspapers or magazines or to stop listening, but do so with Joy and Love in your hearts so that what emanates from you, while observing or listening, is actually sending peace and harmony to these problems. This is your new form of prayer and it works.


“There are also many old systems of help and healing returning to your planet and being updated for easy use. The very old is newer than new. It is completely changed as are those who are bringing it to you. This is often the called The New Thought, and new it is because the original formers and founders of these systems have changed as well and updated themselves through the energy we call Source. The eclipses have lent their energies to allowing all of this to become a reality, but it is you who need to search for yourselves to find what is newer than new and what will work for you because each one of you is different from everyone else, and each individual learns in his/her own way. It is up to you, each and every one of you, to find the clarity you seek and it’s not difficult at all.


“What should you do to gain this stability for yourselves? Go into your inner/sacred heart. Bring the liquid golden light in through your crown chakra and let it flow through your body and out through your feet. Next bring in the deep purple light, let it blend with the golden light and when it too exits through your feet let them both seep deep into Earth. Now gently pull it all upwards through your body again (you are now joined fully into Earth and Source) and let it all reside in your inner/sacred heart. Now you can seek out what is best for you and yours.”


“I AM The Ancient of Days speaking to you now. I have given the direction that so much of what was given into the original settlements on your planet, even when it was called Gaia, are now there for you and updated into your current reality to be used by you. You are now back to that good old adage as at the bottom of the second paragraph, ‘Ask and ye shall receive,’ because you will be directed to what is honorable and right for you each time you ask but it is you who must ask. There are many speakers who are bringing this back to you. Listen to them and take what is right for you and use it! That is what it is there for, and why these speaker/teachers have been given this information once again. It Is So. Source and I have Spoken! You are all the power you require to bring yourselves and all you desire into this New Golden Aquarian Age. This is your function. Make It So!


“You ask, ‘How do I do this?’ Use your imagination. Plan it all out. Program it, if you will. Do it over and over. See it completed and send it to Source. But you must be strong in your conviction and practice this over and over. Your gut will tell you when you have gotten it right. Then let it go and know It Will Be So, for YOU!”


P.S. I am allowed a personal note here. I recorded the Al Cole ‘People of Distinction’ show a week ago. It was a blast! What follows is the link and information from Al’s assistant, Veronica:


“Al asked me to again relate to you his appreciation for your outstanding interview on his syndicated show “People of Distinction”. Your interview will air Saturday, November 1st, repeating from 5pm to 8pm of that day, Eastern Time. It runs about 50 minutes.


~ This is the access link to Al’s Live 365 Radio Network station. All interviews are accessed from this link at their individual airingtimes:
(Click on Al’s Picto Listen!)”


~ Al Cole Radio Simulcasts on The iTunes Radio Network can be accessed through your iTunes browser – then “News/Talk” – then “PEOPLE OF DISTINCTION”


Hello all!


What you are experiencing, dear ones, is perfectly natural. After all there are many astrological changes occurring as well a Full Moon and Eclipse beginning the week of October 4th. So don’t worry. You are just feeling all of this hitting you now more than ever before because everything around you is changing and what was once called “The Veil” is no longer, allowing all of these new, vital energies to touch you and change you as Earth and everything on and within are being changed.


So you wake up much earlier than normal and your body feels a wreck. Don’t worry about it. Of course, if you are really ill, seek medical attention, but in most cases, it is just all of these potent energies hitting you. Get up slowly, stretch and then sit back down and tune in to Source through your inner, sacred heart, and ask Source and all the Angelic Forces for help. Did you hear that the Pope even said everyone has angels around them and helping them! WOW!


Realize that all of these aches, pains, and other disturbances within you are now, at long last, the old patterns making their last, futile attempt to stay. Help them on their way, by thanking them for having been with you and now, send them your own Joy, Love, Healing and Gratitude.


When you shower or bathe, tell your brain to upload whatever you received during your sleep state even if it was short. Eat gently for the next few days or even weeks, if it takes your body a longer time to reorganize itself. Do things that will please you. All that has been bothering you will leave. But you must, in order to fulfill your body and soul at this juncture, be in Joy and Love and Gratitude no matter what is going on around you in your community and your world. And just as important, if you feel the need to rest or take a nap, do so. Also take time to go out and enjoy whatever there is around you. Hug a tree, smell the flowers, even if you live in a congested city. And by doing so you will anchor yourselves into Earth, the planet that has graciously housed you and will continue to do so. Send Earth Joy, Love, Healing (for she too, is going through changes as are you) and Gratitude.


It is so.


Jean Gerson-Greer for Source in Its Totality


Hello all!


I apologize to all for the lateness of this Article or Blog or whatever you wish to call it. I have been waiting for something special – a new website! It still is so have fun investigating it. It was done by a wonderful group of people in India called Outsourcing Services USA. They are not only terrific, but not terribly expensive! This is a Word Press website.


The other piece of information I have for you has already been sent to many in the Tri-State area. Al Cole, who hosts The People of Distinction Radio Show, asked me to assist with the second annual People of Distinction Humanitarian Awards to be held on October 28th. This is a very special type of award given to people from all walks of life like you who have done work to help humanity in every conceivable manner all over the world. If you are interested in finding out more about this very special award given to the everyday heroes of our country, go to If any of you who live in the Tri-State area are interested in this, Al does have some free tickets, so feel free to contact his assistant, Veronica Lindsay at


And now to the topic at hand, NEW ENERGIES. I will turn this over to my crew:


There are many new energies pouring into Earth now. They are stronger than ever before and come from energy sources so far off, they are beyond your imagination. These energies being sent not only affect Earth, but all other places that have any form of life on or in them what-so-ever. Then they head directly into your atmosphere. You know the most recent weather changes have been extremely strong and yes, you know your planet is in a state of great change. What has been given to Earth since 2012 through August 2014 has been relatively gentle even though it has disturbed you and your planet and your atmosphere. What is coming in now will only enhance what has already been given and make it stronger. But it will still be relatively gentle. We know there is not one part of livingness on Earth that is not aware of these energies. Your animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms are well of these changes and accept them gratefully within their beingness. For you, the people, many things within your own everyday lives seem to be topsy-turvy as you are wont to say. FEAR NOT. Nothing dire will happen to you, but remember to take your keys when you leave your residences, and whatever else you need to have with you as you go about your daily routines. We strongly suggest you make lists because we have witnessed so many who forget and then have to retrace their steps to complete their tasks. This is true whether you are at work or just out for the day. We have even witnessed many go into another room and suddenly forget what they went into that room to get or to do.


For those who live in flood prone areas or where the land has been excessively dry, do have your go-bags ready and make the necessary preparations because you need to feel safe and secure, and this will help you. It will make you feel better within your emotional and rational bodies, but again, FEAR NOT.. Be sensible. If you live in your inner or sacred heart at all times, and if you listen to the messages given intuitively to you in whatever way you receive these messages, you will be fine. Trust your hearts!


Why is this happening? Your entire cellular structure and your DNA/RNA are changing. This is true for all life forms including Earth, herself. This has all been planned and will be successful. We want you to know that whatever is going on with the horrendous situations on Earth will soon be stymied and done away with. The populace is amassing to assist in this. Once finished, there will be no more negative flows of energies and those who may still try to cause these negative influences will be taken off planet in a wide variety of ways and will not be returned. Your job, is not to do anything except keep your inner, sacred hearts overflowing with JOY and LOVE.


The harmony you so crave will not happen in an instant. It is in the birthing process now, not the gestation process, and yes, you will be here to see it fulfilled. If this was not meant to happen, you would, as a populace, not be here. What would have already occurred would have been like another Ice Age or some other geological catastrophic time when the vast majority of life forms on Earth either disappeared or died off. But here you are and here you will be!


“So the question arises, ‘How do you get through this time of inner, and outer turmoil?” Think, be, and act JOY AND LOVE every moment of every day. When big problems arise that upset you, being human, you fall out of Love and Joy. Yes, you can allow yourselves the moments needed to respond in your human way. We do too, because we feel as you feel. However we do not let it linger. We instantly repeat Joy and Love or Love and Joy and return to that structure within us in our inner or sacred hearts and go back into the feeling of our own ‘I AM Presence’ where Joy and Love abound, because it is our given right to be full of Joy and Love, just as it is your given right, from Source, to do so. If you need to punch a pillow or two or even scream out loud, do so and then LAUGH AND GIGGLE! That is another ‘trick of the trade’ for you. And Smile, Smile, Smile and then break out in more giggles and laughter. This breaks up the crystallization around the problem or situation that has upset you and momentarily taken you away from Joy and Love and out of your inner or sacred heart. As has been said, “Laugher IS the best medicine!”


You have to know and believe in the power of your own selves including your brain, your mind, and your heart. This is essential. You must also listen to what is so often called that wee, small voice within. That is your connection to Source and it will guide you and help you but only if you let it. You do have free will now and forevermore and therefore, it is all your choice as to whether you believe what we have given above or not. If you do allow this to penetrate your current physical form, it will affect not only each and every current cell of your being, but will be transmuted to all of your multidimensional parts from Beginning to Beginning to Beginning.


Furthermore, each of you exists in a place of well-being; tell yourselves that over and over and over. This is compliments Joy and Love. Know it. Be it. Be the evidence of it to give others reasons to believe that all can be well. This is what brings you the balance you need. If you do this, it will automatically happen 24/7 so that every moment of your existence will be exuding Joy and Love to every portion of life, everywhere.




In Joy and Love and a Happy New Year to ALL,




Hello all!


Are you tired of everything you’ve been doing, seeing, involved in and not getting anywhere?  I know the vast majority are fed up with this, but feel helpless in creating the changes needed in order to make things work correctly.


What I’ve just been told is mind blowing! We are all working in the wrong way and working too hard at it. We have all left out the one simple solution to everything – LOVING OURSELVES! Does this really work! Speakers over the Internet and on Telesummits have been alluding to this over and over, but have we really been listening? How can we achieve this feat?


It’s basically simple: repeat to your entire body, which also includes all of your past existences (bodies,) I LOVE MYSELF, I LOVE MYSELF, I LOVE MYSELF, or I LOVE ME, I LOVE ME, I LOVE ME, over and over and over. When this finally sinks in you will find you no longer judge any situation, which in and of itself, clears that problem up, even if it is not of your own making. I call it getting rid of the &$#* that has bogged us down because we were taught for eons this was the one and only way to do it-to behave, to bend to authority, be it our parents, grandparents, our teachers or our governments. These are the old patterns which are so deeply ingrained within all of humanity they cause the constant repetitive process we see today.


We have come ‘a long way, baby’ as the expression goes. We have developed and used computers, talked about and used the Quantum experience, and many other modalities including good, old fashioned prayer, but have we realized that we, now going from third dimension into fourth dimension, and many going into the fifth dimension especially when they are in mediation, are really exactly like the computers that have been developed? We are and have always been computers from the very beginning of all of life everywhere but were never allowed to know this or, if we did suspect this, to believe in it. Call us biological computers if you wish. Take this analogy and expand it for yourselves. You have a DELETE button and an ENTER button, right? We have always been taught to compartmentalize and put things in their correct folders, but is the information we’ve put in these folders what we need now? N-O, NO WAY! It’s time to clean house, just as we clear our computers and tablets and cell phones of stuff we no longer require.


Please realize we are all in the same boat. I find myself saying, “I give up!” when I can’t find something or figure something out. Well, after weeks of work, I am now able to catch myself at it and stop that thought so it doesn’t seep into all others like it. When I feel about to say it and I delete it. Another example is when I am writing, and see an email coming in with multiple attachments from someone I know, my automatic pilot says, “Oh, no!” because it means something is taking me away from what I am doing. I am only now beginning to realize the import of the “Oh, no!” phrase and how it gunk’s up the works for me and the person who sent it to me. I have made a vow to myself to catch myself every time I say something like the examples above and press the delete button in my conscious behavior. Mentally I see a big red button that says DELETE! Thank you Staples for that idea. Find what works for you and “go to it!”


I know this will not happen instantaneously and will take time to clear and clean up but I KNOW in my I AM totality it will work. Perseverance is the key. Try it! You will find the difference for yourselves and for those around you whether you are in your work place or helping someone to heal. As we change, so do all others. What is even more astounding to me, as this really begins to work, I feel happier within my total self! It is wonderful waking up with a smile and beginning my day on that long lost “even keel!”


N.B.: OK, GET READY! In another week or two, I will have a new WordPress website. Stay tuned and feel free to check it out. It is going to be smashing!!!!!!!!!! ☺


With Love,



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