Among the newness in my life is a NEW CHANNEL or I should say, an enhanced channel. Mind Lucius, I-O and Co. have become consolidated fully into this newness. But the “catch phrase,” The Light That Shines Through Us will remain until the end of Time because it is we who have the Light Shining Through us.
What’s it like to get something like this? It’s like being pregnant and much rest and proper food is required so that everything can not only sink in properly, but the body is being reworked as well in order to be able to accept these powerful energies.
I know I am not alone with heavy changes occurring. You are too, whether you realize it or not which is why you seem to require more rest than usual. Do as your body tells you to do no matter what the weather is like for you. This is essential.
We are once again experiencing strange and terrifying weather patterns, as well as a great deal of interference with all of our air waves and all the equipment that uses them. Use your own abilities and powers and prayers to help alleviate these problems. “Three or more in MY NAME,” is still a rule of thumb and you can make a difference. This is an old Truth that is new again. It has been recharged by Source and given new meaning. Search your own hearts, brains and totalities in your meditations to find out for yourselves. :-)
More than this I AM not to tell you now. IT IS TIME for you to investigate.


Hello all you dear wonderful people. We are here to tell you your life or anyone’s life is definitely not a crap shoot. It is what you make of it. Life is exciting or as boring as you want it to be because, you are in charge of your own lives. Not anyone else. This is a direct transmission from Source and The Christ to you because too many of you seem to enjoy wallowing in your past. Well, dear ones, that is over. Yes, you have memories and will always have, but you can no longer live in the past. If you do so, it will only mean your contract on Earth is about to be finished and you will cross over. If that is your choice, we will all be waiting for you with open arms of complete forgiveness.
YOU are the creators and we are here to help. It is time for each of you to open your eyes and your hearts and your brains to this fact. And no, we are not lambasting you for anything. Change is difficult for everyone in physical form because you don’t want to really leave what was and go into something new.
How do you create? Remember when you were a child and drew things either on paper or even in the mud and sand? It’s the very same thing. These days you paint a picture in your BRAIN, see it finished, send it outwards to Source and let it go with Love! You can even pray to see it come to fruition. It is all up to you but you must keep your focus on your finished product! That’s why children always brought their drawing home or called a parent over to see their finished product. It was a form of focus and prayer as well as the need for adulation. Now, it is we who give you the adulation for your impending success!
Aha! We hear you say that this is not as easy as it seems because there are things like Mercury Retrograde that get in your way and cause major disruptions for you. And this month, Mercury Retrograde falls into two categories: June 6 through 17 it is in Cancer, which is loving and eager to please and then on June 18 through July 1 it lives in Gemini which does have its stubborn traits. However, there is still nothing to sorry about here because Mars which is in Saturn, has gone direct for the first time in quite a few years and that is an ameliorating influence on everything, so don’t worry about it. Just go ahead and create your creations for yourselves. State firmly what you want, need, desire, see it fulfilled and it is so. Believe only in yourselves and all else will follow.
We put the above in because so very many people believe firmly in the negative planetary influences but that need not be so anymore because you are in charge of you! Yes, it is true that these energies, combined with all the eruptions and earth changes and solar charges cause disruptions in mechanical things such as your cell phones and computers, Internet, etc., but that is due primarily to the excessive discharge of energies which is at a higher peak during these planetary changes. (Even the planets have a right to change!) Remember you are all ONE with EVERYTHING and if you want it to bother you, so be it. It is your choice. Just remain steadfast and calm. Take the time to meditate, go into your sacred hearts and just be. These planetary changes are times when you, as a spirit in physical form, can re-charge yourselves with the energies. Do so.
Now on to something sent to this channel that we know is of vital importance and extremely workable. We ask each and every one of you to click on the link below and send it to everyone you know. The possibilities are already probabilities and are vast in scope for you and your entire planet!

We give you our undying love now and forevermore. And we remind you to call upon your own Angels as well as us at any time. We are at your service 24/7!


Hello Dear Friends,


Happy Mother’s Day to all for we are all Mothers in one way or another or were! This will be short and sweet. I promise! After a tumultuous April with new energies hitting our beloved planet causing much confusion as well as awakenings for very many who reside here, we are now in the month of May, the new month of change.


We are all being shown it really is we, who are in charge, and if we examine all the things that have gone topsy-turvy for so far us this month, and if we take the time to go into our Secret, Sacred Hearts and LISTEN, we will hear the why’s and wherefores and what is next for us to program and bring to fulfillment. But so few of us do; me included. Instead, we tend to wallow for a day or two in what has beset us and allow the depression to take over. At least this is what I’ve experienced so far this month. But upon investigation and the realization that is was not my fault, but the decision of others and whatever it is they are going through, I finally decided to do what I’ve been writing about for so long-what I know to be the right thing to do. Go ahead. Have your “pity party.” After all, we are all only human no matter how intuitive or gifted we are.

Yes, we are first and foremost human and what we’ve experienced is teaching us that we no longer really live in the third dimension even though it affects us but good. We can very easily rise above the muck and mire we experience because we are redefining ourselves once again and when we get over what has happened to us we realize the purpose: To bring MORE LOVE INTO OURSELVES, because if you cannot love yourself and FORGIVE yourself and have GRATITUDE for yourself, you cannot do so for anyone or anything else and to do everything with a completely OPEN HEART allowing LOVE to be impressed upon all we pass by or come in contact with.


The next step is to learn, really learn and except living in the Fifth Dimension while existing in the Third-Fourth at the same time. Is it easy? It is, when we remember to use our Brains and our Secret or Sacred Hearts constantly. Then the understanding comes. 2014 is supposed to be a year when everything begins leveling out, but I have been told this will not occur until close to the end of this given year. Therefore, we need to constantly remember who we are, why we are here and what we are here to do. We are constantly being reminded of our humanness because these “reminders” bring us back into how we are to act and react to what is happening to and for us. Feel a twinge in your body? Go right into your Secret Space which is now fully connected to your Brain, bless it, and thank it for reminding you of your own new duality; a human being living within a dimensional shift, then stay there! Remember to upload and download daily after your sleep states. This is essential because we are being changed continually during sleep. Just know we are all changing by leaps and bounds even though we, in human form, think this is too slow. It isn’t in the scheme of things. There is so much to relearn and we CAN DO IT! It is not really new to us. It is the way we were meant to be from the Beginning to Beginning to Beginning.


In Love, Light, Joy, LAUGHTER and FUN,


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Hello All,
Sorry to be so late in writing the monthly article but I had to get a new computer and even though the learning curve is easy, since it’s Windows 7, finding the best way of working has been fun but the keyboard is yucky! (Although those of you who know me well will say it’s my typing, and yes, I admit that’s true too!J)


This is going to be a wonderful month in many ways and there are all sorts of new energies coming in that have already begun: there will be a total lunar eclipse on April 14th, followed by a Grand Cardinal Cross involving Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus with all culminating on April 28th with a solar eclipse. Of course what we’ve all known or realized that even though dates are given the energies start to pull prior to the onset of such heavenly changes and those who are not tuned in to what is occurring become even more fearful, frustrated and upset because these energies are hitting them and they don’t know how to counteract them by sending Love, Love, Love from our inner or sacred hearts.

There are also severe weather changes and earthquakes that have occurred, for example in the Solomon Islands on April 5th they suffered not only a devastating earthquake but a violent storm as well and Ecuador experienced a humongous volcanic eruption. These are all Earth changes and there will be more. Our job as Light Workers, for that is what we are, is to send love and healing and whatever we can to the victims of these catastrophic changes and work more deeply on our own selves because these energies and catastrophes affect us even though we are not in the midst of them.


Remember all energy is free-flowing and everything IS ENERGY. It floats to and through us in the air we breathe no matter where we are located. What else can we do to help?
Smile and laugh a lot! When you leave your house smile at everyone no matter how dour they look. Your smile changes their energies even if they are completely unaware. It is a simple thing to do and you must do it no matter how you feel yourself. Know you are safe and will be safe. Know it in all of your cells, in your mind, and most of all in your brain and heart. And laugh a lot. When you experience the normal human pangs in your stomach or gut. Laugh, Laugh, Laugh. Doing so breaks up the miasmas and imprints around you and yours. Talk to your body so that it pulls itself together with your brain, inner heart, and all of your multitudinal parts and functions optimally all throughout your day and night. This is essential. Spread all of this through your actions and reactions. Treat yourselves gently and never forget DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY no matter what is going on anywhere. By doing this, you are sending your Love and Light. And remember, this is simple and easy to do! All it takes is a change of thought, And all thought, whether verbal or not are really prayers.


If you need help, ask Source and it will be. Speak to your own team of Angelic Forces and all of your Guides. Use them. They are there for you! Ask you ye shall receive; Listen and ye shall hear. These are active truths now and are there for the taking. Feel free to partake of the feast there to assist you and everything on our wonderful changing planet. Yes, include our planet in your thoughts and actions too!




Hi everyone! I bet you thought I’d forgotten about you this month since it is already March 12th. No, I haven’t. In fact, far from it! It’s just that everything has been so very hectic and yet, quiet at the same time I didn’t quite know how to write about what’s been going on and my channel has been quiet about it too, since they wanted me to ferret it out by myself.
Well, dear friends, I’ve tried and the only definite thing I can come up with is that not only do I need a new computer since Windows XP is being taken away; I also need a new keyboard. But that is personal and will be accomplished. However, what is going on now in and on our planet is affecting all of us in a wide variety of ways.
In brief: Tectonic plates are beginning to shift again, but ever so slightly even though the results are earthquakes and unsteadiness within our own structures. However, you must be prepared for anything and everything; More and more speaker/teachers across the Internet are trying desperately to teach about money problems but what they have forgotten is that money is energy and it is an illusion causing anxiety in so very many who do not understand what money actually is and how to relieve themselves of the pressures created by their own sense of “lack,” because what they are really lacking is the energy to investigate within themselves; more life forms are leaving the planet and this scares many as well as causes upsets within the human population. But this again is through a lack of understanding-many have their contracts up at this time and yes, you are supposed to mourn the losses because of your love for them, whether they be friends, relatives, or pets. However, what people have forgotten (because they were really never taught otherwise) is that there is no such thing as “death” and the departed ones can and are always within reach. All one has to do is listen and you will hear them within a few days of their passing; YOU are changing and so am I. And no one ever said change is easy. There are so very few people who like change, but we have no choice. Our bodies, our DNA/RNA-everything is changing. What we used to love to eat no longer invites us or makes us salivate. We are moving more fully into the fifth dimension. Remember we are already in the fourth dimension even though we act as though we are still I the third dimension.
All of this is very confusing, but don’t dwell on it. Just let it go!! This is essential to do. We must all let it go and yes, think of that old Hippy expression, ‘go with the flow,’ because that is what we are supposed to do right now.
Use your Heart, Brain, your Masculine, Feminine and Child Parts and Earth Air, Water and Fire, from your Beginning to Beginning and include all of your Ancestors from Beginning to Beginning. See them all surrounded in a beautiful golden corral; tell them you love them; thank them for being part of you and giving you whatever it is you have in this lifetime whether good, bad or indifferent; shower them with deep purple light and send them loads of hugs and kisses. Love them as you must LOVE YOURSELF for therein is the key to success from this time forward. This is how you FORGIVE-through LOVE. You cannot love anyone or anything, including money (and get it) unless you LOVE YOURSELF really and truly and completely. THIS IS YOUR I AM PRINCIPLE: TO LOVE YOURSELF FULLY. Then you can and will love everything else no matter what is occurring on or within this planet or on our sun. This is the key to survival and change and all you have ever wanted or needed.


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