Hello, all of you wonderful, fabulous people! I never thought I would be able to get to the February Article this month. But since time and space are fluid, here it is. And I will try to be brief, but this is extremely important. All that is required of you is to choose your words wisely.
Begin with this phrase: I AM. Think carefully about this phrase. What does it really mean to you? Take a deep breath and investigate it within your inner soul. I know you will suddenly realize is it the most important phrase you have ever encountered! It is a mindset; something you really must learn to do for yourselves and for our planet in this New Golden Aquarian Age. It is YOUR connection with Source, the Source that has made you, you; the Source that governs everything through its electromagnetic vibrations including everything you do, think, and are!
Next, add to that phrase, IT IS because when used together, it is the most potent verbiage you can imagine and will bring what you want to you. For example: I AM wealthy; IT IS my reality to be wealthy and it is unfolding NOW. By putting everything in terms of I AM and IT IS, you are not only making your own claim and demand, but you are birthing it into reality. Add to this: I AM ONE WITH MY REALITY and it will soon be so. You can do this for any and everything!
It is up to us to create what we want no matter what anyone else tells us. It is OURS for the taking and once you have stated what you want and directed it to Source, it will become a reality for us. This is literally the end of the brainwashing we have been subjected to by all facets of our societies. No one else is in control now but US. And it is up to us to make the difference for ourselves and for our planet. Is there a cost for this? Yes!!! It is our ultimate freedom from the bondage of centuries inflicted upon each and every member of every society ever known on this planet since it incarnated into Earth from Gaia.
Will we have set-backs? Of course we will because we are human and were trained in this old way in order to be subjugated and misused. Now, you do not need to allow this to continue. It is your choice. It happened to me last evening before I auditioned for a very well know casting director. Yes, nerves were involved, and I did not feel I had the character down the way I wanted her to be until I used the I AM Principle and said aloud: “I AM worthy of this audition and I AM the character. IT IS mine.” And sure enough it was. Did it take any effort? No it didn’t. Just a few deep breaths and I have discovered that for me, taking a breath in for the count of two, holding it for two counts and releasing it on the count of two serves me well. (I do this three, or four times, and then find that my mind has reconnected with my physical and spiritual being and since air is life, I am also reconnecting in a positive way with Earth.) I found this by happenstance and I am sure each of you can find a breathing trick that will do the same for you. If the above works for you, use it. It’s free!
What you are really saying and doing is reconnecting yourselves with the correct part of Source that is you. You see, everything is as you are. See it as a hologram. Holograms can be easily shifted into the pattern you want them to be. Even our wonderful scientific community has begun in the past year to truly examine this principle of a holographic universe. And as we all know, once those brainy folks agree that something is real, so do the rest of us. It’s just that so many of us are mired in the old we cannot yet see the new even though so many great teachers are giving this information out freely to anyone who will listen.
And so, now that these truths are coming together, see what other phrases you can devise for yourselves to create the Earth you want for you and yours.
In Deep Love, Light, Joy, Gratitude, Laughter and Fun – Enjoy!!!! And used Joy, Gratitude, The Golden and Purple Lights and have a lot of Laughter and Fun in your lives. When you feel something coming at you that you don’t want, LAUGH! It will dissipate because it cannot stand up against the endorphins in your brain and its totality.
IT IS SO And Happy Mercury retrograde. It cannot stand up negatively against The I AM Principle. And remember, when this phenomenon




First and foremost, dear ones, we are here to wish you a miraculous Holiday Season, for MIRACULOUS it is. You have come through a lot in a very short space of time because as you each realize, this year on your planet has literally and figuratively flown by. We included ourselves in the title of this Article because we, too, have begun a rapid and now lasting change within our own dimensions and within our own structures, even if they are etheric in essence. We have blended our masculine, feminine and child parts together to form a cohesive whole that understand you more concisely than ever before. And yes, we too, have “child parts” which began at the beginning of all creation anywhere. And yes, we too, needed to show our very beginnings the Love that abounds now throughout all universes so that they could grow, which they have done, to be blended with our newly combined adult selves. We know you are doing the same. At least many of you are doing so. If you have not begun this process, now is the time to do it. This is the one and only way to achieve the success you want for yourselves and your planet. It is not hard to do. After all, you are each living within your own totalities and you do talk to yourselves (a big smile here) because we hear you. Have you forgotten that every part of your speech is a prayer, even when you are talking to yourselves or cursing your current situations? The one who scribes for us is wont to use what many consider “uncouth” language even when taking our dictation and making typos, but this too, is a natural part of your cultures and there is not one human individual on Earth who does not use the “uncouth” terminology. For the very religious groups, it is usually the mind that sends this forth, for to speak in such a manner goes against the teachings of these groups. But that is all fine with us. We more than understand.


However, you have more and more religious leaders who have “seen the light” and know that whatever you do is relatively okay within the precepts of what they teach because they no longer consider themselves to be Gods over you, but true leaders whose function it is, is to teach through example. This example is being human, which they most definitely they are, just as you are.


Now to the meat of this Article: We know we have changed and need to tell you that you, no matter what shape you are in, or what state of being, and no matter what you physical situation is, you too must to this. You have to change your thoughts and beliefs. You need to know there is nothing ‘negative” or “dark” anywhere. That was only used as a control measure to control you and keep you in your places as servants and slaves to do as they (the then leaders) wished you to do. NOW YOU ARE FREE and it is about time you investigated your freedom and used it. All vibration is LIGHT. It is all ENERGY. And energy can become whatever you desire it to be. Yes, you finally have perfect freedom to choose who and what you and your planet are to become. But beware; the vast majority is working towards the good of the entire planet during this time of change. If you do not wish to change, you will not become a part of the New Golden/Aquarian Age when it is completed. You will be placed elsewhere but remember, there is always a point where you can change and rejoin what is most definitely going to occur.


None of this is meant to frighten you. It is just meant to tell you as it now and will be forevermore. Disregard for anything that lives, breathes and/or vibrates (and that is inclusive of all man-made materials) on Earth will no longer be tolerated. The adage, “What goes around, comes around,” is in full force and is working more rapidly than you think. It may not be visible to you but believe us, it is there and potent. Any responsible for wrong doings are already receiving their comeuppance but they will not tell you so, because they do not yet understand it. The new information is being programmed into them and into you during your sleep states and yes; your DNA/RNA is changing in order to be able to accept what is coming into you and yours.


It is now up to each and every one of you to search yourselves for this newness and to bring it out with Love, Laughter, Joy, Light and Fun to everyone you know or meet, even in passing. You do not even need to sit it deep meditation if you do not want to. It will happen anyway. It is happening now and will continue to do so even as your planet and Sun continue their changes in order to be ready for the New Earth. The first New Earth since its last shift from Gaia to where you are now and yes, Gaia came right along with that shift and will continue to be with you as will Earth or Terra or whatever you call where you are situated.


We all wish you a wonderful and exciting Holliday Time full of everything you wish for yourselves and your friends and families. It is very exciting and be ready for anything! Our Love and our Peace we give to you. We are always available to each and every part of Earth. Never forget that. Ask and we are there. This is our gift to you, wonderful people of Earth and all that swells thereon and therein.
It Is So!


N.B. My dear friend, Ruth Ryden is discontinuing her monthly newsletters after more than 30 years. Here is a sample from her December Newsletter #135:


“Dear Masters, please give us what you see for weather conditions, earthquakes, eruptions, etc. for this month of December!




Dear ones, this coming month of December will continue to bring harsh weather and storms to many parts of the world. The cold air hitting the eastern states this November will shift slightly the first weeks of December and move west. The northwestern states of the U.S. will experience some very cold temperatures, even far down into California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Snow amounts will depend upon the atmospheric pressure coming in from the Pacific. Central U.S. states will experience a fairly normal December, with Ohio and Illinois to expect some severe storms. Travel for the Christmas season should be planned with care and some wisdom. Canada will feel the bite of heavy storms almost all month, with the moisture and freezing temperatures coming down from the arctic. Europe will also feel the extremes of weather as the same pressures filter through Norway and move inland about the middle of the month. This is not a good month to go skiing or other winter sports, as conditions will change rapidly in many areas. Asia will continue to experience some wild weather conditions, along with the continuance of earthquakes. The Earth is moving in many directions far below, causing unexpected quakes in many places, and waking up the deep furnaces of lava that is erupting in many old volcanoes and some new ones that are starting to appear. The Pacific island kingdoms are being shaken from far below and new land is appearing as old islands find their beaches awash.


This is a month to take care of what you have; be close to loved ones, and perhaps consider not traveling to far places to celebrate. Be considerate of the many people around you who need help, food, and clothing at this time. Beware of spending too much for un-needed gifts or toys that will not last, when there are so many around the world who are just trying to stay alive. It is a month of joy, and a month of hard times. Open your inner conversation with the Universal Wisdom and bask in the warmth of the Love that is always there for you.”

To look up old newsletters via your browser go to:


Ruth also does personal readings and will continue to do so. If interested, contact her at


She will be doing a January Newsletter with prediction so feel free to sign up @ the yahoo group above. Ruth also said, when she allowed me to do this, that she hoped they (The Masters) were accurate. I have found they usually are!


Hello and welcome once again dear readers. The title I was given for this article is very apropos because it is not only time for the annual Holiday Season (today is November 3rd and my grocery store is already selling candy canes, and the turkeys are not even available as yet!), but for more interesting energies to flow more and more deeply into the mind-set of all the people of our beautiful planet. Here in The Big Apple, the magnificent crystal ball has been hung at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue and the television advertisements are already showing and speaking of Christmas and the best way to purchase presents for the children.


Thanks giving seems to have been forgotten, but believe you me, not by this person! And what is even more fascinating is that Chanukah also falls on Thanksgiving this year because the Jewish calendar works on a thirteenth month cycle. To me, this is just another way for Source to remind us that just about everything is happening at once! And I’m getting a loud and clear “YES!” on that one.


The energies coming in are electrical as are all energies—even our thoughts. When you have an idea, it shoots out from your mind in a bright charge. Now why haven’t we picked that up before? After all, all the comic books illustrated the light bulb above the heads of those who had an idea and so and it’s no different for us. There are so many clues like the light bulb we have let slip by us, but I thank Source for bringing that back into our minds as Source has done with so much from the science fiction classics allowing for what we have now. My only problem here is that we are still an economy that wants to make more and more money and therefore, the things that have been working so well for so many years are being changed, such as the different operating systems for our computers and cell phones and all other electronic equipment, and unfortunately they are not at all perfect causing a myriad of problems for the users. And we’ve been told that the new “energy saver bulbs” are dangerous for our health yet nothing has been done about that and most of us are using them.


This causes me to ask, “Who is in control?” It most certainly is not us. Aren’t WE THE PEOPLE? We are, but we are not fully standing up for our own rights. Yes, we go on marches, we sign petitions, and hope they get to the right places (primarily the government) but those who receive these petitions are also receiving a lot of money and favors to let things be as they are. Usually a sick population pays little attention to what is going on politically. However, this past month we were all shown differently and our disgruntlement will probably show in the one place left where it hurts most, the upcoming elections.

But I have strayed, although I was told to do so because there is a very important point to be made right here, right now. The anger and disgruntlement felt by the majority in this country last month, and that knowing the problem has been postponed until February, 2014 where it could all begin again, has electrically gone past our own individual ionospheres or auras, and out into the stratosphere and beyond. It has gone through our thoughts and emotions towards those who have perpetrated this upon us. This has firmly awakened the adages: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”; “What you give out will come back to you in kind”; “Comeuppance is its own reward”, and all similar adages.

Patience, dear readers, patience. It will all work out and to the best advantage for us because We ARE The People and our pleas and cries have been not only noted but heard. Don’t ask me how or when, but it will. I believe what I feel and hear so succinctly pounding throughout my entire being. It is up to all of us to be positive and direct in our thoughts now; more so than ever before. We need to keep our thoughts flowing to our belief systems so that complete clarity is given so that, we, the righteous, will succeed in our claims and demands. What are claims and demands, you ask? They are the laws that govern, and now it is we who are now making them.

Be vocal in your minds, brains, hearts, your sacred hearts and within all of your singular selves including your masculine, feminine and child parts, and in the multidimensional parts you ever were. We are all one and the same now, asking for the very same thing; the harmonious Earth to be returned to us with her vitality renewed and the mass selfishness to be halted. Now take a moment and picture a strong and gorgeous Violet Flame surrounding you. Use this Violet Flame as freely as you drink water. This color is the pluperfect combination of the masculine (blue) and the feminine (pink). Its strength is in the complete blending of itself in all of its parts.

It is time for us to all Love ourselves fully (this is not selfish, it is selfless) because if you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone or anything else. Lack of self-love stops the electrical flow from taking place leaving you behind to wallow in your own sense of self-pity which gets you nowhere. Stand up now and be counted. When you awake in the morning tell yourself you Love You. In every mirror you look in, just tell yourself the same thing. Paste it up everywhere. Teach your offspring to do this too. Love your plants and animals even more. This is the strongest electrical energy in nature and it immediately flows back to the Source that was and is YOU. Use the Violet Flame!


In deep Love and respect for us all on this planet, and in Love, Light, Laughter, Joy and Fun, enjoy your Holidays! And yes, LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH. Laughter is the key to breaking up the depression and negative influences no matter how you bump into them or them into you.


Once upon a time we were taught all about the Seven Virtues and as we grew up, Patience was the hardest one for most of us. It is still true today, at least for me and most of the people I know. My friends will tell you I still have trouble with patience, but it is not as bad as it once was. How did I tame this virtue for myself? I’ve no idea! Really I don’t. I can only suggest to those of you who are finding this a difficult virtue to follow, to forget about the old adage: “Patience is a Virtue, possess it if you can; seldom in a woman, never in a man.” It does not hold true anymore and I don’t even care who said it when or where it came from. We are all having our patience tested these day, even more so than ever before.

Most recently we’ve been faced with very strange weather conditions with volcanic activity occurring where it has not occurred before during our lifetimes as well as governmental problems made much more difficult by the egos involved as well as those trying to place the blame on each other without anyone taking the responsibility for trying something new to see if it works or doesn’t. This only tells me so very many more than I ever realized don’t have patience and are also afraid of change. Yet we are all living in a world of immense change. But since it has not hit those involved directly below the belt, they don’t understand that not only does change take time, it takes Patience. And change will occur no matter what we do or don’t do. What is more, as with anything new, the kinks have to be worked out. Anyone who is a parent understands this in a wide variety of ways.

For those who have never been parents, here is another example: How many of you have purchased new electronic equipment of any kind and, after carefully reading the directions and/or having help in setting things up, found kinks within the systems reigned supreme testing your patience and even the patience of those assisting you? This is all natural because everything is electrical, even you and me and what is more, we are all holograms existing within the quantum field from which all electricity emanates. This is where all creation came from. This is what we use to create the changes we need. This is where our ideas for change go and come flooding back to us, hopefully with rational responses to the creation we want to occur. All of this requires patience which makes Patience a Virtue and more. Without patience, these days, we are disallowing the new energies to do their work even though they may seem disruptive to our physical forms, our planet and everything that helps us to be as we are.

I recently heard someone say, they were ‘wearing their human space suit this time around’ and I’ve gotten to the point where I really believe this to be true. Why? Because we are all things to everything that has ever been created no matter where it is now or when it was created. What I find even more fascinating is that everything is happening so quickly, I’ve barely time to catch my breath between one thing and another. Even though my calendar does not look full, it is. I am suddenly in the midst of doing something I think is worthwhile, when the telephone rings and something else must be done. So I stop doing what I was doing, mundane or esoteric, and hop on the next bandwagon until I can either resume what I was originally doing or must run out and do something else. Phew!!!!!!! “The times, they are achangin!” and we must use every bit of Patience we possess to keep up and keep calm at the same time.

I don’t know about you, but for me, this means I often need to stop cold, stretch out and close my eyes for about fifteen minutes for a catnap, or as the character, Ziva, on NCIS used to say, a “batnap,” which is really more like it to my way of thinking, because I usually feel as though I am suspended, causing my patience to begin to roil up within me again since I’ve not completed what I’ve started and the ‘control freak’ within me requires things to be finished.

Remember, “Ask and ye shall receive?” Well, it’s more than true. And before you know it one thing seems to bump right up against another on the very same day with minutes to spare between them. Frustrating, yes? But again, what is being tested is Patience. I’ve begun to take deep breaths and letting them whoosh out of me so often I almost become light-headed, but this does begin to put everything occurring into perspective so that I can accomplish everything that needs to be done without having to awaken in the middle of the night to either finish a project or to feel anxious and unsettled about it because I dreamt about it. I have also begun to ask that Time be stretched out for me so that I am not rushed beyond belief. It works! One individual with whom I interviewed recently (Artie Hoffman of Sky Radio, an Internet subsidiary of CBS, with people who call in with questions) believes firmly in Angels for answers for everything, mentioned on September 30, 2013 (his interview with me,) to one of his callers that Archangel Metatron helps with this problem. I’m sure Archangel Metatron does and has taught this to many so there is assistance for all who need it. For myself, I’ve never questioned who is actually helping me with this sort of situation, I just tune in, calm down, ask for time to be stretched without upsetting others and it is done. Rather miraculous, I would say. But then again, all thenew energies allow this to happen now and I bless everyone involved for this gift because it gives me the courage I need to get through these hectic days I’ve been faced with recently. Try it. You may like it!

Just to bring you all up to date I also did another interview with a fascinating woman, Diane Wing on . Diane’s website is called Forest Magick and is delightful! Feel free to check it out at I love meeting all these gifted and talented people, just as I’ve enjoy meeting all of you. The more the merrier and the more involved, the more the right words get out. I know I have never spoken about my own work in these Articles, but I do want you all to be aware of what is going on. On October 28th I will be doing a live broadcast on Blog Talk Radio with Suzanne Strisower. I’m not sure of the time but I will post it on my Face Book Page as soon as I find out the time and we are closer to the date.

Now back to the work we all have to accomplish. We so often think it is only our immediate parts that influence what we are going through at any specific time and yes, we do realize we are multidimensional but have we really considered that certain situations we face are due to what our parents and grandparents and possibly their parents and grandparents faced? This can include the fears we have as well as our health and the situations we find ourselves in over and over and over. If the pattern is repetitive, you can bet your bottom dollar the root cause is somewhere within your ancestry. You do have options here to fix and heal these situations from your own electrical selves. You can ask the Lords of The Akashic Records for help and, in meditation as well as in our sleep state, go with these wonderful Beings to your specific family grouping to find the pattern with their help. Then, using your own knowledge, the help of your own Angelic Guardians, and the help of your ancestors, release these patterns to Source God for cleansing and purification. If you are not keen on working this way, there are now a multitude of Energy Healers on Earth who can help you with this. Read their books. Listen to their teachings on the various Telesummits, learn to understand their techniques, and since everything is now open for all, begin to do it yourselves. It is not only challenging, but fascinating as well. I know it works. Today, while washing my face this morning, I looked at my reflection and saw my father and my mother’s parents and my father’s elder sister reflected in my face! I thanked them for being there, gave them my love and forgiveness and told them we would always be together (which is true since we travel in family groupings adding a few new souls along the way) and with a prayer that came from my heart, helped them to release things that have been bothering me not only lately, but for many, many years. I do feel cleansed, and I also feel teary and extremely tired as a result, but I can live with this since it is a quiet weekend for me. As I tear up once again, I thank my entire family grouping from Beginning to Beginning and give them the release they need and my love and blessings, now and forevermore.

To each and every one of you I send my Love and Light in Joy and Laughter. Never forget that laughter and smiling is the adhesive we need to keep our total electrical selves in balance. After all, we are really human computers!


Hello Everyone! Welcome back from your long Labor Day Weekend if you are in the USA. It’s been a quite some time since I’ve written to you and I hope everyone has had a great summer. I’ve had much excitement with a great nephew being born at the end of May and finally getting to meet, and welcome Atticus Anderson into the family in July, as well as receiving new information all the time for the new book which is not fiction but in the self-help category.


I know it has been a little crazy these past few months but take heart. This much I can truthfully say, so very much is happening these days, no one really knows which end is up! And I know I’m not alone in feeling this. Everyone person I’ve spoken to, even at the market and in the pet store, which is always filled with very talkative pet owners and often their canines, agree. We all seem to begin something and then it is time to move on to the next thing but we’re not completely finished with the first thing! And “time” just doesn’t seem to cooperate! It flies by and we can almost not catch our breaths. For example: Personally, I used to be able to mentally stretch time out so that I would be able to arrive at my destination without being a proverbial wreck. But that is no longer true. I have had to rearrange my thinking here and therefore my plans leaving earlier than I otherwise would have. But what is neat, is that I usually arrive where I am supposed to be in time to pull myself together, comb my hair, repair any make-up and regroup!


Hey! Wait a minute! All this means is that I have finally found out who is in charge: ME. I’m the one who plants the thought in my brain, then with my mind and heart together with my masculine, feminine and child parts that I have made an appointment and cannot be late and the rest seems to be taken care of for me. That is not to say the traffic patterns are always clear, but somehow, as I said, I arrive in time to get myself properly together! Amazing, isn’t it, to find that you are your own I AM Principle. Believe it or not, you are really in charge of you no matter what or where or how. We were never allowed to know this and now it is the phrase to live by. I AM. Extend it to I AM ME, and add a big helping of Love of Self. We can do this now too! Self-Love is not being selfish. It is YOU loving everything you are and do, .That is all there is too it.


Use this in everything you do and think about. See what happens. We are no longer alone. There are so very many from all over many universes that are ready and willing to take what we think, dream, and plan and make it a reality for us. The only problem is that it is WE who must do the thinking and preliminary planning. As we go along, everything else will fall into place.


There are still so many people who want things and think just by wanting, it will come. Everything still takes work, but the work is easier because we are doing this with our newly opened sacred heart space, not our minds. It is this sacred heart space, connected to our brain which is sending out the information, but of course, we must plan it first. Build it and they [it] will come. However, remember the caveat: It all must be for the Good of The Whole, even though all energy is the same, the harmful energies will no longer be tolerated.


This IS an entirely new perspective for the people because we were so inundated by the old patterns handed down to us from generation to generation we weren’t allowed to either see straight ahead of us or to know the true reality of who WE ARE. All that is now changed: Use what you know; the White Light; The Liquid Golden Light; The Purple Flame, and it will be so. It is up to you and You Can Do It!


With Great Love and Admiration,
Jean Gerson-Greer
For and with Mind Lucius, I-O & Co.

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