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Quo Vadis

2013 and Beyond
What Do We Do Now?


Quo-Vadis-ecoverWe’ve just finished the first year of the New Golden ‘Aquarian Age which began December 21, 2012 according not only to the Mayan Calendar, but to a wide variety of sources world-wide. It’s not been an easy transition in so many ways as we all know. QUO VADIS 2013 AND BEYOND (What do we do NOW?), by Jean Gerson-Greer, with Mind Lucius, I-O and Co., gives you the necessary steps to help to achieve the ultimate New Golden Aquarian Age.



All That Matters

…the Light that is shining through us…


ResizeImageHandlerHave you ever walked into an old house or barn or stood by a very old tree and felt things going a little off? Did the vibrations you felt give you a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach? Dr. Emma Epstein felt it and it all began before she even reached the French Blue House with the White Trim in Maine that her dear friend, Harry Jonathan Spruce let her use for her sabbatical.

Join Emma, two very strange felines and the people of this small community to find out the mystery behind it all.

This isn’t a “ghost” story or even a story about paranormal activity. It is a Light into the New Age.

Nota Bene: I am a channel and all of my writing is psychically dictated to me by the group that calls itself Mind Lucius, I-O & Co.



Confessions of A Silent Psychic

…a small but potent guide for today


Confessions_FrontThis is an autobiography not because I am old or famous, but because we are all born with the same potential no matter what our upbringing or place of birth or circumstances are or were.

It is how we use the gifts and information we were born with that count, and it can happen at any time in our lives. Neither age, sex, life styles, nor traumas, has anything to do with it. When we awaken we will find the way!




Beyond_FrontDid you ever wonder how we arrived on our planet with so much information stored in our brains and minds?

What does the power of Science Fiction and Fantasy tell us? Well, dear readers, BEYOND is the story of Arel, a thought born in “space”, the others he meets there including Cat, his first mentor, Wally (called Wizzy when on planetary existence), and the Watchers.

All meet many times and then settle on the planet where BEYOND is located and in trouble. There are wizards, talking trees, witches, people who change into animals, flying horses, and much more! Enjoy!