HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS and an exciting one it will be with many changes. The first change is personal. I have reconfigured my Mail Chimp Lists and any one you know who wants to sign up for my website, DIVINE LOVE-THE LIGHT THAT SHINES THROUGH US, will still receive the Meditation Gift since it is already on the website. What happened was that new people, and some people who were already signed up on the original list, signed up again for the free gift and therefore went into another list )not created by me, but by Mail Chimp as an automatic response. If you were one of those wonderful folks, you received two blogs since September. I do apologize for that. Now we are back to one main list! And what was more, the free gift wasn’t working properly, but it is now. Again, apologies.
My team and I are well aware that you, the readers, expect predictions as to what will occur in 2015 – and here comes my team, en masse: “We do not give predictions or prognosticate because everything is up to you. 2015 is a year of great change. However the change must come from within each and every one of you. It is not only a change in your “Spiritual” beliefs but a change within your psyches and your brains. It is now time for each and every person on the planet called Earth, to know deep within their hearts, souls, brains, minds, and bodies that you are not alone any more. We really mean that because you and we are one and the same energy, and therefore are closer than we have been throughout the past millennia when you were prevented from knowing us unless we were brought into your purview by your leaders, both religious and political.
“You all know that even the strongest of religions are trying to bring a new peace and harmony into the world. However they cannot do this alone. It is up to you because YOU ARE THE POWER. YOU ARE THE ‘I AM’ OF YOU in everything you say and do. ‘I AM’ is the phrasesymbolizing God.
“Some of these changes will be quick, others will take more time but by working together with us and with Source, the changes necessary for the next steps in your evolution via your own Conscious Creations, will manifest on your planet and on all otherplanets. You see, each and every part of existence anywhere is going through this change in one way or another.
“We hear you asking, how am I to do this? You have help. All the help you need and more, and you get this help by asking the Angelic Forces. Remember, “Ask and ye shall receive?” Well, dearest ones, this is now a TRUISM! It involves three of the many original Laws of Creation: THE LAW OF CONSEQUENCES; THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, and THE LAW OF GRACE. One cannot work without the other! But you must know WHO YOU ARE first, in order to achieve this magnificent and free assistance. You are all doing this now in small ways. However, it is the time for you to investigate how to go bigger and bigger and bigger with this,and STEP ONE is knowing you are THE GOD OF YOU! You now have all the assistance you need from the Angelic Forces because, as stated above and reiterated here, we are ALL ONE.
“If you feel something is wrong and speak out against it, do so in a manner that is peaceful and just for everyone involved and does not hurt anyone. Words are powerful.Even if you only think it, your thoughts are as powerful as your words because words and thoughts are all prayers. It is you and only you who can make the difference and build what you want for yourselves, your loved ones, and your planet!When you see any of the problems in and on your world, send Joy and Love, Joy and Love.This breaks up the massive crystallization around these problem areas. Yes, this will take time, but it will work!.We end this with this quote from David Ben-Gurion, for it is truth.”

‘In order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.’

In Love and Joy, Peace, Light, Harmony, Health and Conscious Creation for a wonderful 2015. Jeannie and Team.

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