Hello Dear Friends,


Happy Mother’s Day to all for we are all Mothers in one way or another or were! This will be short and sweet. I promise! After a tumultuous April with new energies hitting our beloved planet causing much confusion as well as awakenings for very many who reside here, we are now in the month of May, the new month of change.


We are all being shown it really is we, who are in charge, and if we examine all the things that have gone topsy-turvy for so far us this month, and if we take the time to go into our Secret, Sacred Hearts and LISTEN, we will hear the why’s and wherefores and what is next for us to program and bring to fulfillment. But so few of us do; me included. Instead, we tend to wallow for a day or two in what has beset us and allow the depression to take over. At least this is what I’ve experienced so far this month. But upon investigation and the realization that is was not my fault, but the decision of others and whatever it is they are going through, I finally decided to do what I’ve been writing about for so long-what I know to be the right thing to do. Go ahead. Have your “pity party.” After all, we are all only human no matter how intuitive or gifted we are.

Yes, we are first and foremost human and what we’ve experienced is teaching us that we no longer really live in the third dimension even though it affects us but good. We can very easily rise above the muck and mire we experience because we are redefining ourselves once again and when we get over what has happened to us we realize the purpose: To bring MORE LOVE INTO OURSELVES, because if you cannot love yourself and FORGIVE yourself and have GRATITUDE for yourself, you cannot do so for anyone or anything else and to do everything with a completely OPEN HEART allowing LOVE to be impressed upon all we pass by or come in contact with.


The next step is to learn, really learn and except living in the Fifth Dimension while existing in the Third-Fourth at the same time. Is it easy? It is, when we remember to use our Brains and our Secret or Sacred Hearts constantly. Then the understanding comes. 2014 is supposed to be a year when everything begins leveling out, but I have been told this will not occur until close to the end of this given year. Therefore, we need to constantly remember who we are, why we are here and what we are here to do. We are constantly being reminded of our humanness because these “reminders” bring us back into how we are to act and react to what is happening to and for us. Feel a twinge in your body? Go right into your Secret Space which is now fully connected to your Brain, bless it, and thank it for reminding you of your own new duality; a human being living within a dimensional shift, then stay there! Remember to upload and download daily after your sleep states. This is essential because we are being changed continually during sleep. Just know we are all changing by leaps and bounds even though we, in human form, think this is too slow. It isn’t in the scheme of things. There is so much to relearn and we CAN DO IT! It is not really new to us. It is the way we were meant to be from the Beginning to Beginning to Beginning.


In Love, Light, Joy, LAUGHTER and FUN,


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