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Comforting and Fun Read by SmartShopper – 2/27/2012 (5 Stars)


“Jean Gerson-Greer writes in such a personable fashion that you feel as if she is right there speaking to you. Her words instinctively ring true and guide you away from negative thinking towards a more spiritual perspective. Her writing comes from her own personal experiences which she relates even as they are occurring as she is writing. Highly recommended for those on the journey toward moment-to-moment awareness, increased intuition and psychic ability and creating a more peaceful world for us all.”


Silent But Powerful by Ralph Steinberg – 8/7/2011 (5 Stars)


“Wonderfully written spiritual book filled with joyous and at times sad commentary on the state of our evolution. We, as a people and a planet are in a state of continual growth and change. This growth encourages us to be awake and aware and to keep our hearts and minds and souls opened to the love that surrounds our universe. Listen to those soft voices from our more highly evolved vibratory friends and expand with the universe. The author uses this vehicle and her own life to help show the miracles that await the opened heart…I loved it!!!!!”


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