Hello all!


What you are experiencing, dear ones, is perfectly natural. After all there are many astrological changes occurring as well a Full Moon and Eclipse beginning the week of October 4th. So don’t worry. You are just feeling all of this hitting you now more than ever before because everything around you is changing and what was once called “The Veil” is no longer, allowing all of these new, vital energies to touch you and change you as Earth and everything on and within are being changed.


So you wake up much earlier than normal and your body feels a wreck. Don’t worry about it. Of course, if you are really ill, seek medical attention, but in most cases, it is just all of these potent energies hitting you. Get up slowly, stretch and then sit back down and tune in to Source through your inner, sacred heart, and ask Source and all the Angelic Forces for help. Did you hear that the Pope even said everyone has angels around them and helping them! WOW!


Realize that all of these aches, pains, and other disturbances within you are now, at long last, the old patterns making their last, futile attempt to stay. Help them on their way, by thanking them for having been with you and now, send them your own Joy, Love, Healing and Gratitude.


When you shower or bathe, tell your brain to upload whatever you received during your sleep state even if it was short. Eat gently for the next few days or even weeks, if it takes your body a longer time to reorganize itself. Do things that will please you. All that has been bothering you will leave. But you must, in order to fulfill your body and soul at this juncture, be in Joy and Love and Gratitude no matter what is going on around you in your community and your world. And just as important, if you feel the need to rest or take a nap, do so. Also take time to go out and enjoy whatever there is around you. Hug a tree, smell the flowers, even if you live in a congested city. And by doing so you will anchor yourselves into Earth, the planet that has graciously housed you and will continue to do so. Send Earth Joy, Love, Healing (for she too, is going through changes as are you) and Gratitude.


It is so.


Jean Gerson-Greer for Source in Its Totality

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