Everything New is Newer Then Ever!

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“WORRY NOT! We, The Angelic Forces and Ascended Masters, begin this blog in capital letters because the vast majority of people, including you, the reader(s), worry. Worry is a negative. Worry creates fear. We are here to tell you that worry only bogs you down and does not allow the NEW to come to you as it is trying to do. Last month was Topsy-Turvy but this month begins an active new calmness to all that already has begun. Relax, don’t worry and you will see! Be ready for any and everything and do take the words given below as they are given to you.


“There is so much that is really and truly new coming into your planet and to each living thing on your planet, including all human-made articles. Yet most of you do not see the new. You only see the old because you worry! Come now, dear ones, it is time to change your brains which are really the hard drives to the computer that is your body. You have more help now than ever before in the entire history of your planet. There is no veil covering up anything. It is all there for your taking, but you are still hesitant to partake of the new riches that are there for you. Ask for help and it is yours.


“You have just experienced two eclipses over the past month and yes, there have been wild weather patterns still in evidence because the entire structure of your planet and your sun are changing and yes, these will abate within the next two to three years as will all severe viral epidemics and disharmony among different factions of individuals.


“You are blasted by your media with news items that keep your worry in place. Even if you do not watch your television news or listen to your radio news you see it when you are in transit from the newspapers others purchase, or hear others speak about it constantly. No, we are not telling you not to purchase newspapers or magazines or to stop listening, but do so with Joy and Love in your hearts so that what emanates from you, while observing or listening, is actually sending peace and harmony to these problems. This is your new form of prayer and it works.


“There are also many old systems of help and healing returning to your planet and being updated for easy use. The very old is newer than new. It is completely changed as are those who are bringing it to you. This is often the called The New Thought, and new it is because the original formers and founders of these systems have changed as well and updated themselves through the energy we call Source. The eclipses have lent their energies to allowing all of this to become a reality, but it is you who need to search for yourselves to find what is newer than new and what will work for you because each one of you is different from everyone else, and each individual learns in his/her own way. It is up to you, each and every one of you, to find the clarity you seek and it’s not difficult at all.


“What should you do to gain this stability for yourselves? Go into your inner/sacred heart. Bring the liquid golden light in through your crown chakra and let it flow through your body and out through your feet. Next bring in the deep purple light, let it blend with the golden light and when it too exits through your feet let them both seep deep into Earth. Now gently pull it all upwards through your body again (you are now joined fully into Earth and Source) and let it all reside in your inner/sacred heart. Now you can seek out what is best for you and yours.”


“I AM The Ancient of Days speaking to you now. I have given the direction that so much of what was given into the original settlements on your planet, even when it was called Gaia, are now there for you and updated into your current reality to be used by you. You are now back to that good old adage as at the bottom of the second paragraph, ‘Ask and ye shall receive,’ because you will be directed to what is honorable and right for you each time you ask but it is you who must ask. There are many speakers who are bringing this back to you. Listen to them and take what is right for you and use it! That is what it is there for, and why these speaker/teachers have been given this information once again. It Is So. Source and I have Spoken! You are all the power you require to bring yourselves and all you desire into this New Golden Aquarian Age. This is your function. Make It So!


“You ask, ‘How do I do this?’ Use your imagination. Plan it all out. Program it, if you will. Do it over and over. See it completed and send it to Source. But you must be strong in your conviction and practice this over and over. Your gut will tell you when you have gotten it right. Then let it go and know It Will Be So, for YOU!”


P.S. I am allowed a personal note here. I recorded the Al Cole ‘People of Distinction’ show a week ago. It was a blast! What follows is the link and information from Al’s assistant, Veronica:


“Al asked me to again relate to you his appreciation for your outstanding interview on his syndicated show “People of Distinction”. Your interview will air Saturday, November 1st, repeating from 5pm to 8pm of that day, Eastern Time. It runs about 50 minutes.


~ This is the access link to Al’s Live 365 Radio Network station. All interviews are accessed from this link at their individual airingtimes: http://www.live365.com/stations/alcoleradio
(Click on Al’s Picto Listen!)”


~ Al Cole Radio Simulcasts on The iTunes Radio Network can be accessed through your iTunes browser – then “News/Talk” – then “PEOPLE OF DISTINCTION”

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