Thank you Jean. I am based in Cape Town and I am absolutely loving your posts. They truly are gold. Marie Coveley


You are amazing, thank you, Jean Gerson-Greer! I am so grateful. Deborah Dowd



Thank you so much for your ever-helpful blog. I appreciate reading it every month. Your last paragraph this month is especially helpful to me. Mary Elaine


Oh Jeannie! You are the cat’s meow! Dee is going to love waking up to your kindness! I’m going to get some coffee! I came on just as you two were talking… always get so much from you and Dee!! Thank you for being a bright light in this awesome community!!! Muah! Embrace Everything! Joanie for Dee Wallace.


Hi sweet Jean — Just wanted to let you know how touched I was by your checking in on me. I think about you often as well as your words…in that past week more so…as I had more emotional adjusting to do with my cancer journey. There is a fine line between trusting your doctors and being your own advocate as well…I was walking it when you called. I do feel my renewed if not new self-emerging and the cancer leaving…and as I ground myself to this Earth and bring in the light… my trust in the process and all connectedness becomes clearer, stronger. Much love to you my dear friend…Hope Tabitha is behaving herself Francine


Jean – Thank you for the journey. Love and Light, Ralph


Congratulations! Moving on up…Well done! AEM


I LOVE being WITH you!!! Miss you, my sweetness!!! Love what was written!!! Bobby K


Great! XO Hope Fitzgerald


The October Blog – LOVED IT! Anne K


The October Blog hit the nail on the head. Just Wonderful!!! Dr. John


As always, thank you. Is there anything I can do for you? Warmest…John H. Johnson


I thoroughly enjoyed our amazing session today Jean. Thank you. I will keep in touch! And thank you for sending the link to your posts also!! What you said about all the weird dreams that have been coming to me nightly for months now, being a re-living of present and past lives made perfect sense. That thought had actually crossed my own mind, but I was unclear about it since it’s such a profound thing to be happening on a nightly basis. I should say that I do not take any drugs — prescription or otherwise, so my mind is always clear and open. The energies these days and what they are manifesting is amazing!! And by the way, my husband is always there with me in all of these dreams, and I feel like it’s to protect me. He was my love, my rock, my soul mate, my adviser, and my friend; and he continues to be even after he crossed over. I am blessed in that I know. Again, thank you Jean. You are a very special soul! Julie


Thank you for the healing! Judy Satori



Hi Jean:
I’m not even sure how I got on your mailing list, but I’m happy to receive this mailing. About three years ago, I was channeled the song “Be Who You Are”, and here it is coming from you! So, it is a reminder on so many levels, to review the song, and heed its messages.
Here is the song:



You are amazing, my friend! Maureen Sadusk

Thank you! This has helped me and tremendously! WHEW! Carey Sages

Thank you! Blessings and Love. Ilene

I’m honored to know you my dear Jeannie- My deepest gratitude.. Fran-Mengaziol-Adams


Ripples, Haiku’s, Teachings Oh My!

Looking through it all, Travels into the mirror, All facets of me.

Cultivating love, Watery sunshine and earth. Twine with endless roots.

The family heart, Tends one another, Lucid nutrients of change. Francine’


Thank you for this confirmation! My dog has been acting much more connected to me the last couple days, and even laid in my bed for a little while last night, scooting up and touching me all the way down his back. It’s been years since he snuggled me like that! And he’s a big boy! (150lbs of Black & Tan Coonhound/Great Dane LOVIN!) I have also felt more at peace the last few days…maybe he can sense that’ Jenna Conn Porterfield


Oh Jeannie!! Love this!! Thank you soooooooo much!! Just what I needed to hear today!! Love, Marilee


BE WHO YOU ARE Karen Ruesch


Thank you. Timely. I’ve been saying lately I don’t feel like I’ve had opportunity to be my genuine self, and it’s time for that to happen, and for circumstances to arrange themselves is such a way to support the true me. Love and light! Kelly


This is BULL’S EYE!!! X Robert



Thank you for this message. Beautifully written, in Love and Light. Sue Denk-Szumigalsky

From my heart it is beautiful. Toril Berntsen Flores

JOY GRATITUDE LOVE to you for sharing all you do. Anthony Dronchi

Thank you for sharing your wonderful journal. What deep musings! Cindy Kubica

You’ve got the gift! Bob Bell

Love this Jeannie. It’s right on! Jilly

AMEN, Sista! Hope Fitzgerald


Just wanting to make a direct connection with you, Jean. I so love your posts and blogs! Glad to have you as a friend especially as I have such few girlfriends who are strong in their walk and GET IT! Sylvia Vega-Ortiz


Thank you for your loving, calming energy and your work and caring. Thank yo sooo much for giving your precious time to us, always. I truly appreciate your kindness. Thayi Dolma

Jeannie, WOW! Those beautiful words, just when I need them. I talked to God and He answered me through you. Yes, these days are difficult for me. I send many blessings. Maria Patricia de la Torre L’pez


Thank you for this, Jeannie.
What is written here and what you’ve posted on Facebook have been most helpful to me.
I so appreciate it. With love, Mary Elaine


Loved this message so much!!!! Thanks for sending. Have a wonderful 4th of July.
Warmly, Joan Valentina


Jeannie- another beauty! J xo from Hope Fitzgerald


You explained my itchy ears!!! And reinforced other truths (which I probably learned from you originally!!!!) leslie Shreve


Just excellent! Many thanks. Thinking of you with Love and Gratitude, Susan


Thank you for your words of strength and love and freedom from fear!!! JGG really gets this age-old concept–“I AM THAT I AM”–that holy people & philosophers throughout the ages have talked or written about! She writes about the “I AM” more succinctly and better than Dr. Wayne W. Dyer!……….SLBT/30Jun2015


Yes ma’am!! Dee Wallace


  • Hi jean. I was reading this. It’s wonderful i will forward to my brother. Our family is going through pain with my brother who has colon-rectal cancer. I’m distrssed in my inner spirit. I’m positive, but sometimes i fall apart. I’m meditating. That has help me but my doctor gave me depresion pills. I have gain 20 pounds. Imagine. I have this weekend and i’ll concentrate on your method. Thank you i can call you my friend.  Love gina
  • Thank you Jeannie. This helped me a lot! Kristal Hart
  • Thanks as always – keep your smile on mama! Enjoy your work! Dawn
  • Hello Jean. I confess that I am impressed with your works and all. Went through the link you gave me and it’s interesting and Motivating. Thank you.  Walter
  • Beautiful, Jeannie! So true!  Hope Fitzgerald
  • Thanks Jeannie!!!! You always hit the nail on the head for me!!!! Marilee
  • Dear Jeannie, thank you. I love reading this work and getting help.  Sharleen
  • This is wonderful, Jeannie.Thank you for sending it ME

  • Since friending you and reading your posts I find myself referring to our cosmic wisdom and words of advice often throughout my day! Thanks to you! ~ Kelly 8/10/15
  • Big hugs my light friend … arm is doing great. Lunch soon Love kirk
  • I just wanted to say thank you for your ‘powers’ last night! I really did feel something and this morning it was easier to get up and out! Even last night I was able to sleep on my stomach and knees and nothing ached. So thank you tons!!! Stacye M.
  • Thank you, my darling for all you are and do for the world :) Gratitude and love. Robert Pease
  • You are an inspiration and “mother” archetype to many. Thank you for being you and everything you are.Much love to you … xoxo, Dr. Kimberly Mc George

  • Your writing is always so timely. Thank you for doing this and sending it out. Love ya! Janice Pendarvis
  • I have always felt that if you love yourself you can reach out and love others – if you have self-respect you will respect others and behave accordingly. Your writing, as always, reminds us of the opportunities that we have in spite of the adversities we face. Thank you. Lois
  • Brava! And so it is. Alison
  • Thanks as always! ! am thankful for our crossing paths and thanks for allowing these messages of hope and love to come through you and create in us all! I appreciate it – happy Saturday! Dawn Murphy
  • Inward, onward and upward. Thank you, Jeannie. Mary Elaine
  • Wonderful, and brilliant! Thank you for sharing.Love always, Bob Bell
  • A great and timely message, Jean. Thank you! Have a Divine Day!! Rev. Patricia Brooks


Hi Jean

Thank you for the loving care and time you have taken to gift me these messages and healings.
I am feeling very relaxed deep inside and open to a new level of quiet
I have so much to get to and am not stressing about it as much as i usually do.
You are totally an Angel here and so totally supportive!

Much love and to a beautiful week ahead



And indeed better times are coming along with what is Divinely available to all who also use the Divine Law of Giving & Receiving.. Your guidance writings and inspiration surely helps to bring mankind to a Higher level of connection & understanding to the Creative Force of Love & Light..

May You continue to Be Wonderfully Blessed for all the work you do for The Lord


Respectfully, With Light & Love, Emmett




  • Your newsletter is looking really good, Jeanie – not to mention the content!Love, Jean Adrienne
  • Beautiful. Jeannie, and right on. xo Dee Wallace
  • This is lovely, Jean. Ruth Ryden
  • Dear soulsister of mine…lots of love!
    Just wanted to send u a thank u note for your email. We have been having storms…not like the usual ones ….one almost tropical.
    Love, Sharleen
  • This is fantastic and so helpful! Mary Elaine Monti
  • Wow have you hit the nail on the head. I thought I was becoming possessed. I’ll be glad when this little phase passes. Nick
  • Very nice, Jeannie. Jill
  • Feels really right…especially with the Monarch butterflies visiting us as they did. :) Nancy
  • Jean, this is wonderfully expressed. i will share it and thanks for your generous words. Sheila
  • Just what I needed and just when I needed it…. JHJ
  • Turvy could be an understatement!!! Rob
  • Love this!! Thank you jean!! Marilee
  • Definitely helpful, feeling changes a lot this month. Isaac
  • This has explained a lot and helped me to stabilize myself! WOW! Joseph


Great interview the other day thanks for the mention. Blessings

Eddie Mullins


Jeannie’s presence and work is unlike any other….I was continually waking up in a heavy space which she perceived to be energies from a former …less than pleasant lifetime….downright horrible would be better description. I had been stuck here no matter what I cleared feeling it was collective energy and certainly nothing in my awareness. The process she guided me through has totally removed that energy and left me back in my happy, cheerful present life soul…with tools to use each night before I go to sleep to maintain this.


Anne Kofman


This week a new guest contributor joined us in sharing her life experiences as an Empath and gifted channeler. Jean Gerson-Greer believes that no matter what may be occurring in life that you have the power within you to transform it all through Love. As an Elder Wisdom Empath she continues to blossom and touch all those who are ready to embrace Love as the Way of Wonderment!


Dr. Robert Pease


Hi Jean,


Thank you, your information was invaluable and you have an incredible ability. I greatly admire the courage you have to be public.

Don’t let anything hold you back, the world needs you!

Love and blessings,
Cathy Storey


Jean Gerson-Greer is a talented and amazing intuitive, able to feel the pulse of reality and relay it accurately and without filters. I trust her work, and enjoy her books.”


Jean Adrienne
Creator of InnerSpeak , author and talk radio host


Jean Gerson-Greer participated on Greatest You Summit Series 3. She delivered a captivating interview. Jean does channel Ascended Masters as Blessed Mother Mary was channeled through her in our pre-interview call which surprised me as what I was told Jean could not have ever known.


Those who purchased her special offer contacted me to thank me for having her on the event and did mention how loving, caring, helpful and accurate she was. Working with Jean was easy, warm and genially affable. A pleasure. I recommend her as a speaker on any other similar event.


Christine Williams
Greatest You Summit, Host and Founder


It’s great that you could put these thoughts into words. It’s even greater that you share them. It’s even greater still that these are things it pleases you to do. I hope I never forget how to do whatever it was I did to earn myself a place on your list.


Jack Landron


You are a beautiful soul.



Thank you Ms. Jean. I really needed this today! Best to you. I’m due for a visit with you.

Hope all is great. Best,

Christine Nelson


Thank you so much for sending these wonderful lessons. They are coming at a very good time for me. Yesterday was Harry’s birthday. He became a Catholic four years ago today and died three days later. March 10th. I’m honored to be on your mailing list. Have a beautiful weekend. See you at the movies. Love and blessings.


Susan Walker Salwen


OH, so right and beautiful—and I do try to practice this all the time….and I am Blessed with friends and family-like you…Peace and hugs…Joe


Great article. Exactly what I have been working on. C


I want to thank you for this information; an excerpt from “JUST RIGHTS”, a new channeled work by Jean Gerson-Greer for Mind Lucius, I-O & Co. This is much wanted info.




Hi Jeannie,


Thanks so much for the information on your books. It’s just what I need for down time. I already got them on my kindle and am ready to go. I love how synchronicity works! And I’m very fond of Melchizedek and DK.


Abundant Blessings from one sister to another, Marianne


I am a subscriber to Ruth Ryden’s newsletter and I would like to thank both of you for forwarding this wonderful message.

Candy Anne


Powerful Truth Jeannie,

Thanks so much for this gift.



Thank you Jeannie! Well versed & wise: HEARTFELT. Funny you are talking about CELLS. I just finished a 21day journey based on CLEARING OUR CELLS.




This is wonderful Jean!

Thank you!

Nadette Stasa (Nadette’s Class)


Dreams are really manifesting!!!! Omg!!! It has begun!!!


Klay S. Williams, Lifestyle Consultant


I have been having trouble sleeping for weeks now, so I spoke with Jean and she helped me so that now, with her “tricks of the trade,” as she calls them, I just do as she suggested and all into a deep, restful sleep. No more tossing and turning!




Jeannie has been very helpful in readings and healings she has given me…her information is spot on and her meditations on various Telesummits are beautiful and effective as well. Thank you Jeannie for who you be and the gifts you bring…




Jeannie, you send beautiful words and messages – thank you for sharing your gift.

Lois Silk