You have been told over and over this past month that wonderful things will be occurring beginning in February. There is truth here, but what has been left out is that it is YOU who will be creating it. How do you do this? You send out your Love and Light to all that is not going as you want it to go on and in your planet. You then inundate it with the Liquid Golden Light and The Violet Flame. That is all well and good. But is it enough?


Not by a long shot! You are only beginning your work because you need, through your Brain-Heart connection to see everything as you want it to be, not only for yourselves, but for your planet. Remember you are guests on Earth (Gaia) and yes, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE ONLY FOR YOURSELVES, but you are an integral part of The Whole, meaning Earth and Source. Therefore, YOU are the creators of whatever is to come.


How should anyone create? Through your Brain-Heart and deep love unselfishly. How does Source create? We ask you this because you are not only a part of God or Source or All Energy, but you are the Gods of YOU. Every word you speak, every thought you think is part of your creation. Therefore, you need to become completely aware of your speech and your thoughts and yet, you are human! Is this a quandary? It is and it is not. It is a change of thought and an acceptance that you are guests on a planet that is in change and yet, you are all still here, therefore this is not going to be similar to any of the planetary changes that have come before devastating almost on the planet.


YOU HAVE HELP! For this entire month, there are five planets in direct alignment sending their energies into their sister planet and therefore into you. Tune in to them as you can. Do this gently and accept the information you receive and with this information you will each be able to begin your new creations for The New Earth. You may feel off kilter at times, but just go a little more slowly and rest when you are able to do so. This is all part of the changes within you. Your DNA is being added to and this creates unrest at times within your physical systems. Talk to your bodies, your cells, use the Liquid Golden Light and Violet Flame for yourselves and tell all parts all will be well. Ask your bodies what they need and want to ingest. You just may be very surprised!


You may also find that many more are leaving the planet now. It is not only their choice, it is that their contracts are finished. We need to remind you that this is only another existence and they will always be with you, if YOU so choose. They have agreed to work from this next level using their knowledge of what was so they too, can assist with what will be. IT IS SO.

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