Well, my Dear Ones, 12/22/12 is here as is the Aquarian Age which will be another and more effective Golden Age as the days, months and years advance. Of course, you well know there is no Time, so you can easily see the future you want for yourselves and Earth. But it is you who must create it, and well do you know how to do this. I agree it takes work to keep the positive in your hearts, brains, minds and total beingness, but believe me when I tell you everything from this point on is up to you. Yes, it has been written and can be found in the Akashic Records, but it is still up to you and all those from everywhere working with you to bring it into reality. “What?” I hear some of you saying. This will not happen overnight so to speak. No, everything in due order and once again, it is you who must do, and are doing the “ordering.” When you hear of more turmoil, use what you have learned to see it in Light – The NEW LIGHT, Golden, White and pulsating with the Purple Flame. Do NOT let the media overwhelm you. When you hear of possible trouble in the Middle East, for example, send your positive thought and the New Light there, but then LET IT GO! Each part of Earth and each group of individuals must learn for themselves no matter how much suffering and destruction they go through. Earth will help to reclaim itself and put a halt to many of these problems. Know in your own hearts that suffering is a part of Love, for until one suffers, one cannot Love fully and completely. Also know in your own hearts that people have been doing this for eons not only here but on other planets. They originally came here to work out there problems but no one taught them how to do that without hatred causing immense stress.


Who am I to tell you what to do? I AM The Divine Feminine and I AM now fully blended with all of my Male Counterparts. This is part of the Aquarian Age and is as it should and will be.


And it came to pass that the beloved planet Earth was still there as was the populace on and within her, but there are so very many changes to come they may seem insurmountable. They are not! Your thought processes and your understanding of Divine Love will bring about the fullness of this Golden Age. And what is more, believe it or not, even those who do not yet understand in their conscious physical minds are contributing the positiveness that is oh, so necessary. You see, beloved ones, nothing, absolutely nothing can stop this New Age from growing and fulfilling itself for Earth and her inhabitants. Your JUST RIGHTS are still there and are now strengthened as they have never been before. Truth is the essence of all. Use it wisely and well, because all other JUST RIGHTS stem from this. However, this does not mean that once in a while a “little white lie” can be told. You will know when and how to use Truth in your everyday workings. And the essence here is that it is time to focus on you everything you feel, say, do, accomplish etc., is for you and will automatically spill over to all you meet and/or just pass in your daily activities. Even if you do not feel at your very best, physically or emotionally, the Truth will out and hold forth and you will feel better as a result. Yet, you are not dealing directly with others, you are dealing with yourselves. This holds true even for those in the medical field or any part thereof. The caring comes out in a different way now. No matter how you feel, your now innate Divine Love shines through your very being and spreads its wings to everyone else. This is meant to be now and forevermore. Isn’t it wonderful? You are all now speakers of Truth and I am certain you never expected this to be so in your lifetime!


Oh, I see many of you do not believe this to be so. That is because you have not gone deep within yourselves to test this out. Drop into your heart centers. What? Oh, yes, it is in a slightly different place now as are all your other Chakras. They are resting much closer to your spine so that the initial reactions and information can immediately be translated into your own entire nervous systems through your spinal cord. You may not have been aware of this change because it occurred during your sleep states on 12/21/12 and as this is being written you are in your year designated as 2013 where all newness is being given to you and all you know. Even the astrological signs for this entire year are in accord with this. And with Saturn in Scorpio for the entire year, you cannot miss! But this means you do have to plan and work towards all of your goals and remember to go into your heart centers daily – especially if you are feeling overwhelmed by anything. It is there you will find the Peace you have also been given on 12/21/12 that is permeating your entire cellular structure and that of your beloved planet.


You still have fear within you? Don’t let it get to you. That is part of your old pattern. Give that fear LOVE. It is part of the child part of you from your initial birth in the old system. You will find that those born now have much less of this old pattern within their beings, if any at all! And yes, that makes the more demanding, but you, the parents of the new ones will know how to handle this because it will be given to you! This I do promise in all of my own beingness.


I Love and Respect each one of you who has come into this New Aquarian Golden Age willingly because it is YOU who have chosen to be here and to not only continue to “go with the flow” but to make that flow available to all parts of livingness everywhere just by your being consciously aware.


My Love and Peace and Heart I give to you all. IT IS!

The Divine Feminine

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