Hello All, and welcome to the February Blog. I have no idea where this will go or why I was given this title, but I’ve learned over time to follow directions J so here goes!


“Welcome, Dear Ones. We must begin with the derivation and definition of the word QUANTUM. Derivation: In Latin it simply means HOW MUCH; in 16th century England it came to mean QUANTITY.


“The word itself has been used in physics for years meaning 1) a discrete quantity of energy proportional to the frequency of the radiation it represents; 2) a required or allowed amount, especially an amount of money legally payable in damages. The Merriam-Webster definition: The smallest amount of many forms of energy (such as light.).


“Similarly, as with everything else you have garnered, the quantum is a reality in cosmic form just as you are. It does exist within its own reality as do you and yet, everything now is even easier to reach and attain. Therefore, you can easily see why so many have latched on to the ideology of Quantum Healing, Quantum Boards, Quantum Space and much more. And yes, dear ones, it is all true. But let us simplify it for you: it is another dimension within your own dimension(s); it is a place within your own place, and is really so very accessible you can reach it in an instant if you so choose to do so because it is within each and every cell in your bodies, hearts, brains and minds. You want to quiet that old monkey mind – that part of your mind that keeps reminding you of all the things yet to be done such as picking up the dry cleaning, etc. Take a few deep breaths, let them out with a whoosh sound, and think QUANTUM and you are there because your brain, being the hard drive for your entire body is entirely within the quantum as is each and every cell of your being.


“It may seem strange to you that many intuitives are using this quantum dimension in trying to bring you into the full state of your being. They are only teaching you that another dimension of great importance and expansion does exist and is ready and willing to be used, even though the original definition states the smallest amount of many forms of energy (such as light.) We are ALL Light Beings no matter what dimension we exist in – physical or etheric. Remember please, that everything is thought and everything is a thought form in one way or another no matter where it resides because All Thought is Energy and we are ALL Energy because we are All Thought no matter whether we are physical or etheric.


“Within the total reality of All That Is, or Source, or God, everything is known and viewed together (physical, etheric, and quantum) as One. As of 2015 it is so much easier to just ‘Ask and You Shall Receive.’ Feel free to ask your Angelic Guardians for help and it will be so! We are all coming together to bring to fruition a new and stable situation for all planetary existences. This can now easily be done because we are all ONE within each and every reality that has ever existed. We all revolve around the same Energy Source no matter what it is called. Take advantage of this and begin to live your lives within All That Is completely, and you will find Love, Gratitude. Joy, and a new ease of achieving.

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