This age old quote from the Bible, and actually in all the Holy Books, is your key to all that is for you now and forevermore. The secret to this quote is the word, “THAT.” It is all inclusive of everything you were, are, and, yes, will be, because when you use I AM THAT I AM, you are declaring your rightful place as the God of YOU in all of your parts from beginning to beginning to beginning, and bringing them into your now reality in this wondrous time of change for yourselves and for your planet. Once you understand this, then the ability to ‘Ask and ye shall receive’ becomes a prominent reality for you to use every moment of every day since the way to receive what you ask for is open now. You are really everything that exists – the trees, flowers, animals, vegetable, minerals and even all man-made objects because you all have the same frequency and vibration – I AM THAT I AM.


First though, you have to realize your own power and stop giving it away to others. You need to be steadfast and strong no matter what is occurring around you. This is a time of great change in so very many ways, not only in weather patterns but within the interior of the earth and the solar energies released by the sun spots. And you are not alone in these potent changes. They are occurring everywhere and in every dimension. .All this is a cleansing even though it is most definitely not pleasant for so very many. You have learned you can stretch Time, and now you can also begin to understand the power you have and yes, even control the severity of weather patterns sent to heal portions of the planet. Ah, you feel you cannot do this? There is some truth here because you cannot always do it alone. It is a matter of the group mind, all of those involved, that will lessen the severity of the problem. You do not have to gather at one place to do this – it is just a matter of those involved all thinking the same thing to move the patterns to less harmful areas or to dissipate the patterns completely.


We know this seems overly simplistic to many but it really isn’t. So much of what is occurring now is doing so to help the populace involved to rethink the processes that have been with them for so very long, since it is these thoughts that have contributed to the havoc now occurring, and are a great part of the reason for the creation of The New Earth. Many of these patterns, age old as they may be, have come from fear. When you FEAR, you are giving your power away; and you give it right back to FEAR which is always hungry for more power. It is up to all on the planet to stop this. Trust in yourselves and in Source, or God, or whatever you want to call the Energy of Creation. Just BE within your own stability, strength and belief.


This is not to say, our scribe does not fear. She does, but she has learned to call upon her Angelic Team of healers and others to help her when a condition arises she is unsure of, or if she feels ill and/or out of sorts. If necessary, go seek medical advice since it is there for a reason – to help. Use every trick in the book you have learned including meditation and asking for assistance from others, but remember not to give them your power. That is yours and yours alone. Asking for help does not mean giving anything of yourself away. You are just searching for answers for yourself and our loved one. Ask and it will be.


If you have not already done so, find out who your guides are and ask them for assistance. You can even ask those of your family who have passed over to assist. They are always with you. Listen in the quiet of your mind for that voice within your ears or even the itching of your ears. This is Source speaking to you letting you know you are in your power and that Source is right there with you. There is one caveat here: YOU MUST ASK BECAUSE NOTHING CAN BE DONE WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.


Please know that FEAR is the opposite of LOVE. This tells you THAT you must love yourselves, love yourselves, and love yourselves more. It you do not love yourselves, you will live constantly in fear and not be able to pull yourselves out of the complexities created by you in being fearful of any and everything occurring.


This does not mean you cannot slip into fear based situations. You all do and so do we, but we allow the fear to pass through by sending it LOVE and talking to it and comprehending its source. We then send this fear or problem that has created this fear to All Energy to be brought into purification and returned as useful, positive energy for us and for every part of life to use. AND SO IT IS.

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