This is a Truth. How do you do this to get what you want? First you must plan it out! Drop down into your heart. See it. Tell your entire self, including your masculine, feminine and child parts, your brain and your mind, and let it go.


Of course this seems easy and it really is but first and foremost you have to create it. When you are using your entire self you are creating. We create daily as does our body. It sloughs off what is not needed continually and what is left, we wash off daily. We are proof of Creation! This too, is a Truth. Are we not like our bodies? Of course we are. We are one and the same. Our bodies have millions of cells each designed to do a specific job, right? As creators we are the very same. We create daily whether we are aware of it or not. Don’t you prepare food and cook? That’s creating. What about all the things one has to do to keep the household intact and livable? This too is creating even though we may not like doing it and we consider it a chore. Even taking out the trash is creating because we are removing refuse from our living facilities, just as our bodies do.


Now take this a few steps further: you want to create more money (energy) for yourselves, but just dropping into your heart and saying it is not enough. You have to have a plan. You have to have something in mind that will increase your income. However, I know plenty of people who have something in mind and think they are doing all the right steps to make it happen but it doesn’t happen for them. Why is that? What are they doing wrong? Repeat to yourself aloud what it is you want and listen to your words. I’ll bet you that 99% of the time you are telling yourself that maybe if I do this and then that…..or I really want to but…..and therein lays the flaw. Plain old verbiage! Words have more power than we ever thought possible because they are then implanted in our brains and minds along with what we are aiming to do!


How did I become so smart and how is it I can tell you this? Easy! I was caught in this trap myself and still find that I am catching myself when I begin planning something else, including writing these articles. My own sense of “am I really capable of doing this” or “do I have the right to ask for_____” really gets in the way. But once again the answer is simple. I DO have the right to ask for whatever it is I want BECAUSE I AM! I AM the God of me and therefore the one in charge of me. And as I realize this more and more and get to know and realize WHO I AM, the easier everything becomes when I am planning and programming for me! Remember that wonderful phrase from the movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come!” It’s true. But it is you who must do the building. I would strongly suggest that if you are able to rent this movie, watch it. It was not easy to “build it”. Many obstacles got in the way, but first and foremost, not holding on to the thought (dream). If you remember the movie, our hero was given all the information including letting it happen, which it did because he released the negatives and “the now good enough thought” from his mind.


Today, in this New Age we have more than just our minds to work with because it has finally become clear that we are ONE with everything and being ONE with everything allows us to utilize our entire being – each and every cell in each and every part of us. We are a complicated mass of energy, but that energy is not hard to talk to. It is just a matter of putting our entire self together to accomplish what we want. How do I know this? Am I some sort of special person? Not at all, I am just like you and you are just like me. I listened to my inner self (my mind), heard what I was asking for and HOW I was asking for it, found the phrases that denoted my own inadequacies and did away with them. I searched my entire past from this lifetime and delved into my childhood and in doing so, found where I had been told I was “not good enough” even though my parents and grandparents meant no harm. However, those words had remained strong within my childhood mind and brain and governed much of my thought processes until I cleaned them up. I realized where they came from and in deep love forgave the givers of those thoughts and as a result, upon these realizations, found the Truth in my own words.


Once I was satisfied with this form of house cleaning, I found one more thing was missing. It was having fun with this. We are all so very serious, but that too, has its drawbacks. If you don’t have fun in your life, you become morose and depressed and that’s no way to be. Not today, not any day. It’s time now for us to enjoy ourselves – our total beings, and all those we know and live with whether they are in human form, animal form or plant form. Laughter IS the best medicine and it is also the key to success. Play with this. By doing so you are also adding the Love of Life you feel for everything you are and everything around you. Add a lot of “ooh’s” and “aahs” and giggles when you are planning and programming and seeing the fruition of your creation. When you release your creation do it in great joy! Try it! I dare you!


Did I do this alone? Of course not. There are so many good people to listen to via the Internet and so many of them have Skype and local telephone connections. I allow my own sensibilities and gut to guide me to those whose information will be of benefit to me where I am now. As a result, I have found myself because like so very many of us on Earth today, I was lost. Lost in the old patterns because we were not allowed to realize WHO WE ARE! We are each and every one of us, the God (or energy source) of our very own selves.


All of the above also holds true for your body and your health. If you really tell your body how much you love it in every single thing it does, in each of its specialized cells and do this faithfully before you fall into sleep and when you wake up, and do it with a smile and laughter, you will find you can heal.


Your body is just like a child. You have to speak gently and lovingly to it in order to have it respond no matter what the problem is. This does not mean you do not go seek medical attention. Doctors and medicines were put here for a purpose and often times a diagnosis will help you to help your body. And yes, take the medicines you were given. They will help too because you are directing your body to use this medical help.


Remember: Make a plan; drop into your heart; see that plan finished and complete and LET IT GO! It will be so!

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