Hello Everyone! Welcome back from your long Labor Day Weekend if you are in the USA. It’s been a quite some time since I’ve written to you and I hope everyone has had a great summer. I’ve had much excitement with a great nephew being born at the end of May and finally getting to meet, and welcome Atticus Anderson into the family in July, as well as receiving new information all the time for the new book which is not fiction but in the self-help category.


I know it has been a little crazy these past few months but take heart. This much I can truthfully say, so very much is happening these days, no one really knows which end is up! And I know I’m not alone in feeling this. Everyone person I’ve spoken to, even at the market and in the pet store, which is always filled with very talkative pet owners and often their canines, agree. We all seem to begin something and then it is time to move on to the next thing but we’re not completely finished with the first thing! And “time” just doesn’t seem to cooperate! It flies by and we can almost not catch our breaths. For example: Personally, I used to be able to mentally stretch time out so that I would be able to arrive at my destination without being a proverbial wreck. But that is no longer true. I have had to rearrange my thinking here and therefore my plans leaving earlier than I otherwise would have. But what is neat, is that I usually arrive where I am supposed to be in time to pull myself together, comb my hair, repair any make-up and regroup!


Hey! Wait a minute! All this means is that I have finally found out who is in charge: ME. I’m the one who plants the thought in my brain, then with my mind and heart together with my masculine, feminine and child parts that I have made an appointment and cannot be late and the rest seems to be taken care of for me. That is not to say the traffic patterns are always clear, but somehow, as I said, I arrive in time to get myself properly together! Amazing, isn’t it, to find that you are your own I AM Principle. Believe it or not, you are really in charge of you no matter what or where or how. We were never allowed to know this and now it is the phrase to live by. I AM. Extend it to I AM ME, and add a big helping of Love of Self. We can do this now too! Self-Love is not being selfish. It is YOU loving everything you are and do, .That is all there is too it.


Use this in everything you do and think about. See what happens. We are no longer alone. There are so very many from all over many universes that are ready and willing to take what we think, dream, and plan and make it a reality for us. The only problem is that it is WE who must do the thinking and preliminary planning. As we go along, everything else will fall into place.


There are still so many people who want things and think just by wanting, it will come. Everything still takes work, but the work is easier because we are doing this with our newly opened sacred heart space, not our minds. It is this sacred heart space, connected to our brain which is sending out the information, but of course, we must plan it first. Build it and they [it] will come. However, remember the caveat: It all must be for the Good of The Whole, even though all energy is the same, the harmful energies will no longer be tolerated.


This IS an entirely new perspective for the people because we were so inundated by the old patterns handed down to us from generation to generation we weren’t allowed to either see straight ahead of us or to know the true reality of who WE ARE. All that is now changed: Use what you know; the White Light; The Liquid Golden Light; The Purple Flame, and it will be so. It is up to you and You Can Do It!


With Great Love and Admiration,
Jean Gerson-Greer
For and with Mind Lucius, I-O & Co.

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