Welcome readers,I AM THE SHINING. What I have asked Jeannie to scribe for me is important information for each of you and for all who reside on Earth and throughout all Universes since change is now occurring everywhere.


Earth has just come through a momentous triple amount of energy changes with a Super Moon, the Spring Solstice and a Total Eclipse. And you have more similar energies coming next weekend, April fourth and fifth. This occurs during the weekend of Passover and Easter! Get Ready! If you have pets or animals of any kind, even fish, watch them and be prepared for their reactions! The majority will be running around, awakening you, madly dashing wherever they reside. Please note, this is done in complete joy, something your human populations seem to still react negatively to, because your minds think it is upsetting your balance. This is totally the opposite but still being so ingrained in your old patterns it is hard for your minds to accept the new. Stop listening to your mind chatter and how your body feels and begin to think with your open inner/sacred hearts. Doing this promotes acceptance. When in human form, worry (a negative) takes the place of acceptance and understanding. Tune in to your Higher Selves, the portion of your own multitudinous self that can and does instantly pull you out of your old patterning if you let it. Think of this part of you as the orchestra conductor leading you out of your doldrums and into peace, joy and love and packed with the information you need.


Therefore my dear ones, you really need to be aware of your actions and reactions to others from this point forward, so watch your language and what you are about to say. Follow the adage, “Think before you speak.” This new energy does settle into each of you and the planet after a day or three or even more in some cases. This energy is helping to clear the old patterns and it does take time for the new energies to fill your physical and psychological structures on all levels and in your multidimensional selves. Be aware at all times now of where your human mind is taking you!


There will also be some difficult weather patterns and Earth changes because this is what all of this is about – your changing planet – a cleansing of the old into the New Earth. What is so wonderful about this is that the majority of life forms are still here and will be here during this momentous change. To use your present day exclamation;WOW!



I have entitled this Blog “LANGUAGE AND THE NEW ENERGIES” for a reason. It is time to really think and watch what is forming in your minds. Do away not only with words like can’t, couldn’t, won’t,or never, but any and every word or phrase that contains any negative connotation that prevents you from moving forward: “I’ll never finish; I didn’t (or don’t) think I could…, etc.” These keep you tied down into the old patterns as they bubble up in your thoughts, and also tend to make you feel old and tired because you are, within your newly energized bodies, being thrown back into the old patterns. Stay present in your now time. Do not keep going into what was, since that is being removed. By trying to stay in the old patterns you are disallowing the new ones to grow within your entire structures. When you feel this happening, you will also feel a change in your physiological forms back to the old ways of being – feeling sick, achy, frustrated, angry, etc., instead of healthy and vibrant. Again stay in the present with an OPEN HEART filled with LOVE and GRATITUDE FOR YOURSELVES! This allows you to heal more quickly and to feel love and gratitude towards all you meet.


Jeannie has asked me to add here, this does not mean you have to a perfect person or a “goodie two-shoes.” You are human and if you yell or curse, there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are still staying in the present and it does not push you back into the old patterns. Even though these reactions may show frustration, this can often lead to the good changes itself. And remember to LAUGH. LAUGH A LOT – EVEN AT YOURSELVES because this breaks up the miasma that has caused this reaction in you.


Also, at this time, your DNA/RNA patterns are being rejuvenated and the dormant strands are awakening and beginning to spread their wings within you. They have been dormant for thousands upon thousands of years, but this is now finished and therefore they are coming to life once again to help create you in The New Earth. In other life forms on our planet the DNA/RNA are all functioning but the so-called missing or dormant strands have been hidden from the view of scientists. This too is being changed. This is only one reason why the habitats and lives of so many species must be protected at all costs. They are here to teach you. Those that have recently left will return when the new Earth is finalized. Those who have mutated into destructive forms will not be able to withstand the vibrations of The New Earth and will fade into oblivion.


I ask and beg you to think about what I have written above for you. If you meditate, please meditate on this. If you do not meditate, reread this quite a few times. And use LOVE. Your own Love of Life and the Love from Source and all The Angelic Forces as well as all life forms from Beginning to Beginning of your vast universe. Everyone is going through the same thing, including my own multitudinous self, for I AM a part of you as you are a part of ME.


You are in process of shifting between dimensions three, four and five. You have been for some time now, but you are closer than you have ever been before as the vast majority travel easily between the third and fourth dimension. You are also going into the fifth dimension where your own reality slips away, yet your physical functions can still be performed easily. When you are doing this, you are helping all of life to sluff off the unwanted particles that are attached to them. Often most of you are not aware of doing this on a conscious level, but then realize time has flown by and what has transpired during that lapse of time you often think of as a daydream of sorts, or a memory lapse. It isn’t a lapse of anything and many people are beginning to do this consciously. This is also occurring during your sleep states until you become accustomed to it and allow your brain to translate into your waking states. Worry not. All is under control. Your brain and your physical form understand even if your present mind does not. Remember, your brain is the hard drive of your entire being and you will be well. Nothing untoward will happen to you because you are mightily protected from this time forward.


The aches and pains and other physical problems you are experiencing now are primarily due to these new energies mixed in with the old unnecessary patterns. These can be done away with by YOU. But you must do so in LOVE, not in FEAR, because there is nothing to fear. Feel into what is bothering you and give that disturbance or pain or illness LOVE. Do it over and over until you feel the changes occurring and the problem disappearing. Listen to your Heart and Brain at all times and keep that LOVE going because it is not only your LOVE but the LOVE of The Creator or Source, from which all energy emanates. BE AT PEACE WITH YOURSELVES AND LOVE YOUR TOTALITY AND ALL OF LIFE AND IT WILL BE SO. I GIVE YOU MY DEEP LOVE AND ADMIRATION FOR ALL YOU ARE GOING THROUGH AND ACCOMPLISHING. IT IS SO.

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