Hello all you dear wonderful people. We are here to tell you your life or anyone’s life is definitely not a crap shoot. It is what you make of it. Life is exciting or as boring as you want it to be because, you are in charge of your own lives. Not anyone else. This is a direct transmission from Source and The Christ to you because too many of you seem to enjoy wallowing in your past. Well, dear ones, that is over. Yes, you have memories and will always have, but you can no longer live in the past. If you do so, it will only mean your contract on Earth is about to be finished and you will cross over. If that is your choice, we will all be waiting for you with open arms of complete forgiveness.
YOU are the creators and we are here to help. It is time for each of you to open your eyes and your hearts and your brains to this fact. And no, we are not lambasting you for anything. Change is difficult for everyone in physical form because you don’t want to really leave what was and go into something new.
How do you create? Remember when you were a child and drew things either on paper or even in the mud and sand? It’s the very same thing. These days you paint a picture in your BRAIN, see it finished, send it outwards to Source and let it go with Love! You can even pray to see it come to fruition. It is all up to you but you must keep your focus on your finished product! That’s why children always brought their drawing home or called a parent over to see their finished product. It was a form of focus and prayer as well as the need for adulation. Now, it is we who give you the adulation for your impending success!
Aha! We hear you say that this is not as easy as it seems because there are things like Mercury Retrograde that get in your way and cause major disruptions for you. And this month, Mercury Retrograde falls into two categories: June 6 through 17 it is in Cancer, which is loving and eager to please and then on June 18 through July 1 it lives in Gemini which does have its stubborn traits. However, there is still nothing to sorry about here because Mars which is in Saturn, has gone direct for the first time in quite a few years and that is an ameliorating influence on everything, so don’t worry about it. Just go ahead and create your creations for yourselves. State firmly what you want, need, desire, see it fulfilled and it is so. Believe only in yourselves and all else will follow.
We put the above in because so very many people believe firmly in the negative planetary influences but that need not be so anymore because you are in charge of you! Yes, it is true that these energies, combined with all the eruptions and earth changes and solar charges cause disruptions in mechanical things such as your cell phones and computers, Internet, etc., but that is due primarily to the excessive discharge of energies which is at a higher peak during these planetary changes. (Even the planets have a right to change!) Remember you are all ONE with EVERYTHING and if you want it to bother you, so be it. It is your choice. Just remain steadfast and calm. Take the time to meditate, go into your sacred hearts and just be. These planetary changes are times when you, as a spirit in physical form, can re-charge yourselves with the energies. Do so.
Now on to something sent to this channel that we know is of vital importance and extremely workable. We ask each and every one of you to click on the link below and send it to everyone you know. The possibilities are already probabilities and are vast in scope for you and your entire planet!

We give you our undying love now and forevermore. And we remind you to call upon your own Angels as well as us at any time. We are at your service 24/7!

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