I AM ALL ENERGY and I WANT you to understand how what you are going through now works. Using your own I AM PRESENCE brings you to your innate reason for being now. It brings you to your own special God Self. No matter what your belief is, you are all part of Source, God, or ALL ENERGY because you are comprised of cells and molecules and therefore ENERGY.

To put it simply, you are in charge of YOU!

When you connect to your I AM PRESENCE you are really connecting to the energy that is all over your planet and your universe. This past month you have been beset by the physical changes in and on your planet creating tremendous storms with great damage and loss of physical life. Yet the vast majority of life forms are still in existence which should tell you that you are in preparation for an entirely new situation on your planet. This has also illustrated that you are not alone. Others rallied immediately to help not only the people, but the animal life forms involved. Still others prayed and even talked to the energetic essences of these storms to make them less intense than the weather services predicted. Thank you. It worked!

What should you do not only in times as mentioned above? Use your own innate powers to help these changes go easier on all involved, but know those who have left were meant to do so. Yes, you have the right to mourn. It is part of your being human because you no longer have the tactile ability with those who have passed and returned to their belief system of Source, or God, or ALL ENERGY. Know in your heart of hearts there is no separation, just a different way of communicating.

Your political situations are just illustrating all that must be cleansed and is being so. Yet, just reading this is only the beginning for you; Meditate, Pray, Believe. Your brains and hearts sending out constant LOVE with your I AM PRESENCE is the way for you to help with these changes.

The next two months will bring 2016 to a close but it will still have many situations where your assistance is needed and yes, I KNOW you are human and being so, you erupt over things that are besetting you. React, cleanse it for yourselves and let it go in Peace and LOVE. YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE LOVED, YOU ARE LOVED. NEVER FORGET THIS AND YOU ARE NOT ALONE. EVERYTHING YOU REQUIRE IS THERE FOR YOU. ASK FOR IT AND IT IS SO. To get the full benefit you do have to LOVE YOURSELVES, LOVE YOURSELVES, and LOVE YOURSELVES EVEN MORE. Loving yourself is not selfish. By doing so, you are LOVING THE I AM PRESENCE, THE GOD PART OF YOU. These words are potent. USE THEM.

N.B. Please note dear readers I do not write these words. I hear them and type them. Also, the next book ALL ENERGY has completely dictated will be out by December. The working title is: WHY WERE YOU BORN NOW? and will be found on Amazon and on Kindle. ALL ENERGY agreed it should be published as a small book since so many people prefer holding a book in their hands.



There is a great deal to expect during this month, and it is all up to YOU! The energies have been given and will continue to be given through the end of this year, with an entire new set of energies joining in 2017.

Why do we, all parts of ALL ENERGY say it is up to you? Easy: You have to find the simple clue in the word and emotion, JOY, in order to bring everything to fruition for your own selves, your loved ones and your planet.

We have said many times before that Earth/Gaia is going through menopause and this is a truth. It has also frightened many and yes, has brought destruction to many parts of the different land masses. But this is all part of changing. It is not a punishment nor is it the end of the world. It is a natural progression that has not occurred in eons whereby the vast majority of the specie forms are still living. In all prior severe changes, those life forms left in one way or another. Read more


You have been told over and over this past month that wonderful things will be occurring beginning in February. There is truth here, but what has been left out is that it is YOU who will be creating it. How do you do this? You send out your Love and Light to all that is not going as you want it to go on and in your planet. You then inundate it with the Liquid Golden Light and The Violet Flame. That is all well and good. But is it enough?


Not by a long shot! You are only beginning your work because you need, through your Brain-Heart connection to see everything as you want it to be, not only for yourselves, but for your planet. Remember you are guests on Earth (Gaia) and yes, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE ONLY FOR YOURSELVES, but you are an integral part of The Whole, meaning Earth and Source. Therefore, YOU are the creators of whatever is to come. Read more