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In our discussion with Jeannie a few weeks ago, we suggest this blog would be about Gratitude, but we have since changed our minds because once a thought goes out into the ethers it is picked up by all others who are listening and so many wonderful people have already written about Gratitude, especially since Thanksgiving in the United States has just passed.Besides, we too, pick up everything that hits the ethers, so who knows who sent out Gratitude as November’s idea?! So instead we will talk about LOVE.
We are well aware that the title of this blog is THE CRYSTALIZATION THAT SURROUNDS US, but believe it or not this is really all about LOVE. We all have this crystallization around us. Our very thoughts make this so, especially when the thoughts are negative such as “I really don’t want to do this.” Even when you go ahead and do whatever it is anyway. We will personalize this even more: Over the long holiday weekend, Jeannie wanted to do what is on her list of things to accomplishincluding; get cat food, return the warm boots she purchased that really didn’t fit well, and even vacuum and dust. And she does know that time can be expansive so that everything will get done including writing this. However, she began by saying a strong “No!” to writing, but here she is doing this anyway because she realized what she was doing and broke the negative crystallization pattern of her thoughts.
How did she do this? Easy! By remembering her mind is not the ruler of her being, her brain is. Your brains are your hard drives to your body and everything that impacts it. And when you realize this and implement it, you are doing so in LOVE. Love of what must be done, the time involved, and most of all, as a result, LOVING YOURSELF. If you say you are going to do things in Joy and Love, you are breaking down this crystallization. It is automatic because Joy and Love use the Golden Liquid and Deep Purple Lights to do this, and what is more all of this is surrounded by the Pure White Light of Source.
Now let us take this a few steps further. All that is going awry in your world is due to this crystallization that surrounds these malcontents, these people whose voices were never allowed to be heard until they grabbed the power they needed to be heard. Again we ask you, whenever you see such or hear of such to use the phrase given above immediately. It does reach them and it does make a difference if only for a moment. But one moment is compounded into many moments and you are not alone, for when using this phrase each and every part of you, including your own Angelic Forces and Guides chime in and add more power to your thoughts. In essence you are sending Love to those who are without it. Neat? We think so. And what is more it is making a difference even though your world has not seen any succinct results as yet. The more who do this, the sooner you will see the results you crave. You want miracles?Try this. It is just a shift in your perspective and by doing so you allow us to integrate with your brain and thoughts and align ourselves with you giving power in the form of love that has been lacking to those unhappy ones (for that is what they really are) which has allowed their hatred and distrust and anger to do what they have done and are doing.
But there is one caveat: you must LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE YOURSELF FIRST AND FOREMOST before you can truly love anyone one or anything else in this world or any world. How do you love yourself, especially if you have never known love? Go into your sacred/inner heart, align yourself with Earth and Source using the Golden Liquid and Purple Light and stand tall in your knowledge that YOU ARE BELOVED OF EARTH AND SOURCE because YOU ARE A PART OF EARTH AND SOURCE and they are there for you no matter what is happening. In other words, believe first and foremost in yourself and in your own POWER. When you realize that you are the God of you and that attaches you firmly with Source and Earth, and that you are therefore an Angelic Force on Earth, everything will begin to open up to and for you.
It is time for everyone who reads this now or in the future to do this because this is the set-up for all that is to come in 2015 and beyond. This is the beginning of the breakdown of the Crystallization that is no longer needed or acceptable for you and your beautiful planet.

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