Hello and welcome once again dear readers. The title I was given for this article is very apropos because it is not only time for the annual Holiday Season (today is November 3rd and my grocery store is already selling candy canes, and the turkeys are not even available as yet!), but for more interesting energies to flow more and more deeply into the mind-set of all the people of our beautiful planet. Here in The Big Apple, the magnificent crystal ball has been hung at 57th Street and Fifth Avenue and the television advertisements are already showing and speaking of Christmas and the best way to purchase presents for the children.


Thanks giving seems to have been forgotten, but believe you me, not by this person! And what is even more fascinating is that Chanukah also falls on Thanksgiving this year because the Jewish calendar works on a thirteenth month cycle. To me, this is just another way for Source to remind us that just about everything is happening at once! And I’m getting a loud and clear “YES!” on that one.


The energies coming in are electrical as are all energies—even our thoughts. When you have an idea, it shoots out from your mind in a bright charge. Now why haven’t we picked that up before? After all, all the comic books illustrated the light bulb above the heads of those who had an idea and so and it’s no different for us. There are so many clues like the light bulb we have let slip by us, but I thank Source for bringing that back into our minds as Source has done with so much from the science fiction classics allowing for what we have now. My only problem here is that we are still an economy that wants to make more and more money and therefore, the things that have been working so well for so many years are being changed, such as the different operating systems for our computers and cell phones and all other electronic equipment, and unfortunately they are not at all perfect causing a myriad of problems for the users. And we’ve been told that the new “energy saver bulbs” are dangerous for our health yet nothing has been done about that and most of us are using them.


This causes me to ask, “Who is in control?” It most certainly is not us. Aren’t WE THE PEOPLE? We are, but we are not fully standing up for our own rights. Yes, we go on marches, we sign petitions, and hope they get to the right places (primarily the government) but those who receive these petitions are also receiving a lot of money and favors to let things be as they are. Usually a sick population pays little attention to what is going on politically. However, this past month we were all shown differently and our disgruntlement will probably show in the one place left where it hurts most, the upcoming elections.

But I have strayed, although I was told to do so because there is a very important point to be made right here, right now. The anger and disgruntlement felt by the majority in this country last month, and that knowing the problem has been postponed until February, 2014 where it could all begin again, has electrically gone past our own individual ionospheres or auras, and out into the stratosphere and beyond. It has gone through our thoughts and emotions towards those who have perpetrated this upon us. This has firmly awakened the adages: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”; “What you give out will come back to you in kind”; “Comeuppance is its own reward”, and all similar adages.

Patience, dear readers, patience. It will all work out and to the best advantage for us because We ARE The People and our pleas and cries have been not only noted but heard. Don’t ask me how or when, but it will. I believe what I feel and hear so succinctly pounding throughout my entire being. It is up to all of us to be positive and direct in our thoughts now; more so than ever before. We need to keep our thoughts flowing to our belief systems so that complete clarity is given so that, we, the righteous, will succeed in our claims and demands. What are claims and demands, you ask? They are the laws that govern, and now it is we who are now making them.

Be vocal in your minds, brains, hearts, your sacred hearts and within all of your singular selves including your masculine, feminine and child parts, and in the multidimensional parts you ever were. We are all one and the same now, asking for the very same thing; the harmonious Earth to be returned to us with her vitality renewed and the mass selfishness to be halted. Now take a moment and picture a strong and gorgeous Violet Flame surrounding you. Use this Violet Flame as freely as you drink water. This color is the pluperfect combination of the masculine (blue) and the feminine (pink). Its strength is in the complete blending of itself in all of its parts.

It is time for us to all Love ourselves fully (this is not selfish, it is selfless) because if you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone or anything else. Lack of self-love stops the electrical flow from taking place leaving you behind to wallow in your own sense of self-pity which gets you nowhere. Stand up now and be counted. When you awake in the morning tell yourself you Love You. In every mirror you look in, just tell yourself the same thing. Paste it up everywhere. Teach your offspring to do this too. Love your plants and animals even more. This is the strongest electrical energy in nature and it immediately flows back to the Source that was and is YOU. Use the Violet Flame!


In deep Love and respect for us all on this planet, and in Love, Light, Laughter, Joy and Fun, enjoy your Holidays! And yes, LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH. Laughter is the key to breaking up the depression and negative influences no matter how you bump into them or them into you.

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