Hello All!


Once upon a time, a few four years ago, everything was different for Planet Earth and many other planets and star systems in all universes. As you are well aware, a new era for all of life was begun on Earth as of December 21, 2012 so we will not bore you with the immediate past changes. You are well aware of them.


However, the new changes that are being brought into and on to your planet now are strong and often times seem virulent. They are, but they are necessary, therefore they aren’t because now, each of you has the power to create changes in anything and everything that is happening.You know this and you have begun to use it with possible catastrophic weather situations, but are you using it for anything that is happening within your own sphere of influence? You may think you are but you are not being as successful as you can be.


Everything is within your reach and all you have to do is to ASK. This has been told to you over and over but are you really asking correctly? Even the one who is our scribe for these blogs is having problems. Asking is claiming and demanding what is rightfully yours. This was taken away from you so long ago that it is asleep within your DNA structures, but this is now being reawakened so that each of you can reach your full potential. That is why you are here in physical form at this time on your planet. Therefore, you often feel unsettled, possibly nauseated, headachy or whatever. Pay no attention to these little things because it is your entire structure that is slowly but surely changing, so that you can be the full individual you were always intended to be. When you ask, and are specific, what you ask for, plan out, and see fulfilled, it becomes reality even if it takes 21 to 25 days after you have programmed it to be. Asking awakens the use of your pituitary and pineal glands which are essential now in all new processes taking place in you.


All of these changes are coming in from the solar storms, gamma rays, and many other celestial occurrences and what is more, those from other planets, who have already progressed through these changes are helping also.They are invested in YOU as you are invested in yourselves and are more than willing to help because we are ALL ONE.


You are all, in your own ways, Speaker-Teachers on this planet now even if you don’t think so. Whenever you are with others, at the market or walking around, in the park with your children, or are driving, your light radiates to all whether you are near them or not. Therefore you often feel tired out after an excursion. To counteract this so you can continue your work trythis: Take deep belly breaths and exhale to relax. Surround yourselves in the Pure White Light of Source and within our own systems feel the potency of the Golden Light and The Violet Flame. These are your protections. Practice this so it becomes a natural part of your physical being and to protect yourselves even further, see all of you and The White Light covered by a beautiful color of Earth Brown. And do not forget to ground yourselves in the crystalline core of Earth and connect that crystalline core with your own crystalline core which, through your inner heart also connects as you direct it to do, with Source. Ask and IT IS SO.

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