The energies that have been delivered this past month are continuing to hit every part of Earth and every other planet and star in your solar system. Many are leaving their physical forms and yes, you mourn for them, but know in your heart of hearts they are already hard at work to help you to co-create The New Earth from where they are. There is not one part of Spirit that is not working on this for as goes Earth (Gaia) so goes all else.

So much “new” information is coming out that one doesn’t know where to turn first. However, remember, this is really all innate within you and it is present now, if you choose, to remind you and open you up to remember from your earliest existences. It was all given then, but pushed away by the “leaders” and the socio-economic times you lived through all over the place, not only on Earth.

You know well what to do during the difficult phases you are experiencing – LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH, and send forth your LOVE from your inner/sacred heart at all times, even as the tears may be rolling down your cheeks. Laughter and Love are the only ways you and we have of breaking up the dark crystallization and imbuing the new, shimmering crystalline core for each and every part of life. This core goes from your central heart place into the crystalline core of Earth, coming slowly back through your physical forms, touching every cell and going straight to Source through your crown Chakras and then back down into you and every part of livingness participating. It stays steadfast within your inner/sacred heart or Love Place – the place you have created for YOU. The new energies push this forward to all whether they are ready to fully accept or not – they are touched and imbued whether they know it or not.

None of this is difficult. Doing things by rote keeps you stagnant. You can retrain your brain, your hard drive, by implanting new patterns through changing your ways of doing things. It isn’t hard but it can take a few days at most for the patterns that are stagnant to change. It all depends upon how industrious you are in doing away with the old patterns and repeating the new ones — what you want your brain and therefore your body brain to accept. All is energy ready, willing and able to be used!

Picture a rainbow (hope you can see the picture). You are the pot of gold at the end of each rainbow and it doesn’t take work to find it. Just believe in yourselves with Love and Laughter at the core of your brain, heart, body and mind. It is all there for you! Trust in yourselves and you will find it without any difficulty.

We hope this helps you as it has helped us to actually put this in writing, and know in your heart of hearts that “As it is above, so it is below and as it is below, so it is above.”


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