If you think this year has been totally insane in many ways and a true whirlwind, just wait! Earth and quite a few other planet and star systems are all going through the same thing. However you are receiving great assistance from the star systems and planets that have already gone through these changes. Some of them have completely changed even eons ago and are therefore guiding you, their descendants in human physical form. For each of you has passed through these systems on your way to becoming human beings on the planet Gaia. And what is more, you remained on these systems in order to bring back the immense knowledge you do have and are just learning to tap into. While on Earth, you were “put to sleep,” until the time was right for everyone to awaken and remember.


We will not go into the history of this here, for it is well known, but suffice it to say it was done by those who came before you to control you and enslave you as well as to see what you would do. Remember, Earth was a test planet but all this changed as of 12/21/12.


Well, dearest ones, you are no longer slaves. Each one of you is a Master – a Master of yourselves and those within your family structures as well as a Master in charge of your planet and all that is going on that does not fit into your heart and brain as being ethical.


You know right from wrong deep within your inner/sacred hearts and your brains. Your mind is that part of you which has the lists of what you need to do during your daily lives and it chatters to you constantly which is why so many call it the “monkey” mind. However, monkeys, when they chatter are actually communicating with each other so we do not use that term often. Instead we say it is that part of you that connects you to the dimension in which you are existing.


The vast majority of you are between the fourth and fifth dimensions believe it or not even though it seems to you, you are still living in the third dimension. However, so many of you have learned you can “stretch” time and do other amazing, miraculous things including healing when you make your ‘mind’ up to get completely well – that’s using your inner heart and your brain, which is a fifth dimension situation. Interesting isn’t it? You are also finding that age has nothing to do with the change of tastes you require for your sustenance. It just seems more natural and you are even allowed to satisfy your junk food craving, but not extensively. This too, is fifth dimensional thought pouring into you. Your DNA is being added to so that the original 12 strands become present as you go further and further into the fifth dimension.


It’s all very amazing and will continue at a rapid pace during this month, so don’t be surprised. Accept it. This is the ascension coming into you so that you are ready for The New Earth and The New Earth is ready for you. Download from Amazon, ALL THAT MATTERS or BEYOND given to our scribe a years ago. They tell a very similar story and were given quite a few years ago. IT IS SO.

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