Everything is moving rapidly now. Time, the weather patterns, everything you can think of and you must move with it. How do you do this? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and understanding of everything that is as it should be. We know how hard it is for you to believe this with what you are going through emotionally, physically and psychologically right now, but we ask you to TRUST US and trust your Inner/Sacred Heart and the guidance it is receiving. Listen well to the wee, small voice within. You are NEVER alone. All forces that ever were are now back, ready and willing to be called upon by you, and all you have to do is ASK. In the Bible, “to Ask” is to CLAIM AND DEMAND. Do it. Know in your heart of hearts you will have all the help you require.


You can do this through meditation or just by BEING aware of who is with you no matter what your current condition. Help is being given. If your problem is physical, tell your injured cells they are healthy. Keep doing this and they will respond because every cell has a mind as do you BUT you must tell them to be pure and healthy as they were at the beginning and that all past existences are healthy too no matter what you received this time genetically.


By doing this, you are not only healing yourselves but Earth for you are a part of Earth. Anchor yourselves deeply into Earth and into whatever you call your belief system. If you are atheistic or agnostic, anchor yourselves into Earth and the Sky. It is the same difference.


There is much for you to contemplate here so this ends now. IT IS SO. DO IT AND YOU WILL SEE SUCCESS!


P.S. Jean posts daily on her Facebook Page, Jean Gerson-Greer. As usual she is given the information to write. We suggest you take advantage of any information that is posted as it just may be useful to you and yours.

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