Hello, all of you wonderful, fabulous people! I never thought I would be able to get to the February Article this month. But since time and space are fluid, here it is. And I will try to be brief, but this is extremely important. All that is required of you is to choose your words wisely.
Begin with this phrase: I AM. Think carefully about this phrase. What does it really mean to you? Take a deep breath and investigate it within your inner soul. I know you will suddenly realize is it the most important phrase you have ever encountered! It is a mindset; something you really must learn to do for yourselves and for our planet in this New Golden Aquarian Age. It is YOUR connection with Source, the Source that has made you, you; the Source that governs everything through its electromagnetic vibrations including everything you do, think, and are!
Next, add to that phrase, IT IS because when used together, it is the most potent verbiage you can imagine and will bring what you want to you. For example: I AM wealthy; IT IS my reality to be wealthy and it is unfolding NOW. By putting everything in terms of I AM and IT IS, you are not only making your own claim and demand, but you are birthing it into reality. Add to this: I AM ONE WITH MY REALITY and it will soon be so. You can do this for any and everything!
It is up to us to create what we want no matter what anyone else tells us. It is OURS for the taking and once you have stated what you want and directed it to Source, it will become a reality for us. This is literally the end of the brainwashing we have been subjected to by all facets of our societies. No one else is in control now but US. And it is up to us to make the difference for ourselves and for our planet. Is there a cost for this? Yes!!! It is our ultimate freedom from the bondage of centuries inflicted upon each and every member of every society ever known on this planet since it incarnated into Earth from Gaia.
Will we have set-backs? Of course we will because we are human and were trained in this old way in order to be subjugated and misused. Now, you do not need to allow this to continue. It is your choice. It happened to me last evening before I auditioned for a very well know casting director. Yes, nerves were involved, and I did not feel I had the character down the way I wanted her to be until I used the I AM Principle and said aloud: “I AM worthy of this audition and I AM the character. IT IS mine.” And sure enough it was. Did it take any effort? No it didn’t. Just a few deep breaths and I have discovered that for me, taking a breath in for the count of two, holding it for two counts and releasing it on the count of two serves me well. (I do this three, or four times, and then find that my mind has reconnected with my physical and spiritual being and since air is life, I am also reconnecting in a positive way with Earth.) I found this by happenstance and I am sure each of you can find a breathing trick that will do the same for you. If the above works for you, use it. It’s free!
What you are really saying and doing is reconnecting yourselves with the correct part of Source that is you. You see, everything is as you are. See it as a hologram. Holograms can be easily shifted into the pattern you want them to be. Even our wonderful scientific community has begun in the past year to truly examine this principle of a holographic universe. And as we all know, once those brainy folks agree that something is real, so do the rest of us. It’s just that so many of us are mired in the old we cannot yet see the new even though so many great teachers are giving this information out freely to anyone who will listen.
And so, now that these truths are coming together, see what other phrases you can devise for yourselves to create the Earth you want for you and yours.
In Deep Love, Light, Joy, Gratitude, Laughter and Fun – Enjoy!!!! And used Joy, Gratitude, The Golden and Purple Lights and have a lot of Laughter and Fun in your lives. When you feel something coming at you that you don’t want, LAUGH! It will dissipate because it cannot stand up against the endorphins in your brain and its totality.
IT IS SO And Happy Mercury retrograde. It cannot stand up negatively against The I AM Principle. And remember, when this phenomenon

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