Welcome to My Website

banner06-e1410347978531Hello and welcome to my web site. Thanks for visiting. This web site is very different from most of its kind, because everything written here is for you, the reader. I have been directed to tell you this right off the bat, because I use my gift-or my talent, if you will-in quite a different way from other psychic researchers and healers: I write!


Of course, I also speak and am happy to do so anytime, anywhere, because after a life-time of doing this work, I hear what must be told. It’s called clairaudience-having to do with hearing and listening.


I am a psychic researcher and healer. I have worked in many facilities, taught classes and worked with people one on one to help them in whatever way they need. I often sense what a problem is and can work from that point of view as well. That’s called clairsentience-having to do with feeling and touching. However, I will never tell you whom to marry, how to find your soul mate, etc. This is entirely up to you. It is you who make your shopping lists, not anyone else!


What is even more important is the plain and simple fact that I am not trying to sell you anything. At least not anything you don’t already know. My job is to help bring you clarity in this New Golden Age.


Many call it the Age of Aquarius. Quoting from the Caf Astrology website: “The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer, symbolically and eternally giving life and spiritual food to the world. The water from the vessel washes away the past, leaving room for a fresh, new start. The sign of Aquarius is forward-looking and growth-oriented. It is concerned with equality and individual freedom. Aquarius seeks to dispense its knowledge, and its vision of equality and individuality, to all. The glyph for Aquarius depicts the water from the water bearer’s vessel, as a symbol of open-ended spiritual energy.” (Click Here For Link) This is food for the world.


Water is the symbol of spirit. How many times have you awakened groggily and then splashed water on your face or immediately hit the shower or the bath? You do this because it is instinctive. You know in the center of your heart, which is your one true place of knowing, that this will make you feel better and bring you a sense of calm and peace so that you can continue your day with the innate Grace and Love you have within you.


Feel free to check out the ABOUT JEAN section for my biographical information to have a clearer understanding not only of me, but why you landed on this site!


I am first and foremost a human being as well as a teacher-learning, as we all are these days, to work with all the new energies coming into our beloved Earth to help us all reach the next stage of growth. Look for more of my “Articles” as my group (Mind Lucius, I-O & Co.) calls them. They will appear here as well as on my Facebook page!


Blessings and Love to All. It Is So.