There is a great deal to expect during this month, and it is all up to YOU! The energies have been given and will continue to be given through the end of this year, with an entire new set of energies joining in 2017.

Why do we, all parts of ALL ENERGY say it is up to you? Easy: You have to find the simple clue in the word and emotion, JOY, in order to bring everything to fruition for your own selves, your loved ones and your planet.

We have said many times before that Earth/Gaia is going through menopause and this is a truth. It has also frightened many and yes, has brought destruction to many parts of the different land masses. But this is all part of changing. It is not a punishment nor is it the end of the world. It is a natural progression that has not occurred in eons whereby the vast majority of the specie forms are still living. In all prior severe changes, those life forms left in one way or another.

However, there are many on Earth/Gaia who are leaving because it is their time. In your vernacular, their contract is up. This also has been said before in these blogs and elsewhere and it is time for a reminder because from this month until the New Year, many have so chosen to leave.

Those of you who are staying are the Lightworkers and your function is to get in tune with these new energies however you can and with your own hearts fully open and with your bodies connected to the crystalline core of Earth/Gaia send forth LOVE and LIGHT – YOUR LIGHT for that assists all who are working with you to bring in the necessary changes to co-create with you THE NEW EARTH.

Read and follow whoever you desire on the Internet – your connection with everyone and everything and make your own decisions as to which suits you best. To CO-CREATE means to be active in a POSITIVE and PEACEFUL way and this can be done without interrupting your life as it is. The POWER you possess is from your BRAIN AND YOUR HEART. Work with these parts of you well. Ask for help when you require it for there are multitudes ready and willing to assist and work with them to bring forth THE NEW EARTH. Look into the future you want and IT IS SO.


*****LIVE JOY*****

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