First an announcement: I will be a guest speaker on Greatest You Summit’s upcoming Series 5, hosted by Christine Williams. This series starts October, 5th 2015. I invite you to join me and many other speakers who can clear, unblock, repair and restore you to a better energetic state. Greatest You Summit’s intent is to help and guide you to blossom into your light. From a spiritual perspective Greatest You Summit brings you the speakers who can transform your life and boost your awareness with their processes, activations and gifts.


I am happy to share that I am scheduled to speak on OCTOBER 23, 2015 and my topic is – HOW CAN WE GET THEHELP WE NEED, and much more! The times are: 5:00PM PST / 6:00 PM MT / 7:00 PM CST / 8:00 PM EST. Don’t miss out, we enjoy and appreciate your participation and interaction!


Here is the link to get this invaluable information at no cost to you with complimentary gifts for signing up, valued over $497. The telephone link and code will be available and posted on my website the day before the show at the latest!  Click the link below also to get the pertinent info!




Now to the monthly Blog: We have been bombarded by so much this past month it is incredible that we are all still standing! A two-day Solar Eclipse (depending upon where you live,) a ten day New Year (Rosh Hashanah,) which brought in more great vibrations and the Lunar Eclipse together with the Blood Red just a few short days ago. Please remember that all of the energies for all these events start before the actual date and continue after the event is over; plus the gamma rays from Wave X (very potent) and mantle plumes from the Earth’s core helping Earth and us along by affecting us all. So of course you become discombobulated and everything seems to be too much for you to handle; what is more, three cities on our East Coase were blessed with a visit form the radiant Pope Francis who taught us all once again, about Love and true Humility spreading his Love, Love and Gratitude for all religions and all people. This was not only attended by the thousands but watched many, many more who felt the effect even through the TV!


Have you noticed your tempers are up? I know mine has been but I have figured out that I can control it by realizing all this will pass quickly if I LOVE MYSELF, LOVE MYSELF AND LOVE MYSELF MORE! I’ve also found that the secret to existence now is FORGIVENESS WITH GRACE and this has given me even more hope that The New Earth will become am actuality in my lifetime. I have also been given what my main objective is in doing these blogs and the Facebook posts: I have found my Soul Purpose and aligned my Higher Self and my Soul Purpose with my physical self in all dimensions. If this interests you, contact me. There are special arrangements that are being made 


Oops! Here come the Big Guns: “She is so right on all levels because something wonderful has transpired on this planet Earth/Gaia and on all others as well because as goes Earth/Gaia, so goes everything else in all universes. There have always been both positive and negative forces everywhere. If this were not so, every single planet and star system that supports any form of life would be perfect without any stress or stressors.


“As you well know, FEAR is the cause of unrest within yourselves and all else. And the so-called negative forces were afraid they would be done away with completely and not become a part of The New Earth. This is not so. Everything will be brought into this newness but with a different Light. It is the Light you are creating using the Violet Flame and the Liquid Golden Light as well as the Emerald Green of true Heart Love, and the Pure White Light of Source. If you use these frequencies of Light constantly, whatever you are going through will be easier for you and for those involved with you. You will even find an easing of your original situation and yes, you can send these light frequencies to anyone you know at any time, even without their knowledge. It is the choice of their Higher Selves to accept them, and two to one, the Higher Selves will gladly accept them and translate them into the brains, hearts, minds, and physical forms of those involved.


“Love and Bless everything surrounding you and yours with these frequencies. You will see a great difference and know that whoever has passed over in your lives no matter whether they be human or otherwise will always be with you. Give them time to rest and recuperate and then feel free to communicate.


“Be stalwart in all of your intentions and work within the Source of your belief systems and all will be easy for you. Use these frequencies of color and find their sounds for yourselves and feel the difference they make in your own lives. Know that when you use the phrase, I AM, you are aligning yourself fully with Source. For I AM THAT I AM is the word for Source no matter what your belief system is. Many others over many universes are living on systems that are changing just as Earth/Gaia is changing. This must be in order for the new growth to occur, for you are not alone nor have you ever been. Figuring out what has gone before for you will help to help to create this change now, and the changes that are to come. TRUST in what you discover for yourselves. Know that the roots of whatever it is you are experiencing or having trouble with comes not only from this lifetime, usually in your childhood, but has occurred before in many other lifetimes elsewhere from your very beginnings no matter where they were and still are because everything is still occurring according to the Time/Space Continuum and therefore in the Quantum.


Know in your heart of hearts we have all been there no matter where we are now or how we show ourselves to you in whatever way your belief system allows. KNOW WE ARE ALL ONE, and there is not one Being who has not experienced a physical existence in its entirety in other universal places but also on Earth/Gaia. This is how we know and understand you so completely. We are your history and having been there have sworn faithfully to All Energy that we will continue to be with you and to assist you if you so allow us to do so.


One other very important point must be made before we conclude this Blog: You all ‘feel’ what others are going through in one way or another, therefore you are all Empaths to one degree or another and as such must clear your auras and environs at the end of each day. This can be done mentally and or through a mantra you create or a prayer OR you can ask us to assist in brushing away the vibrations you picked up during your time before sleep, or even use your own hands brushing upwards from your feet to beyond the top of your heads to cleanse your auras and renew your chakras.


This is why you and we are here – to constantly cleanse and renew ourselves and everything connected with us. IT IS SO!”

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