WHY?!? or DO I HAVE TO?!?

Hello All!

I know, I know! There are very few people I’ve encountered who have not been asking a compendium of the questions given in this title and a multitude more. This made me question, what is wrong here. What we do not realize is that it is time to choose to either stay and be a part of The New Earth, or leave.


‘DO I HAVE TO’ is simply a question of choice and the choice is ours. Personally, I intend to stay until I am kicked out and this is the first time I’ve said this. In the past, I joked about the footprint on my rear end because I really didn’t want to come back here to begin with but with all that’s going on now, I simply refuse to leave, and that’s my truth. I’ve made my decision and I now float happily in The New World most of the time, and often have to remind myself where I am in my current reality.


It is all a matter of frequencies and vibrations. One can easily put oneself into any frequency or vibratory rate one chooses. All one has to do is ASK and it will be so. There are many. Many communities across the Internet where like-minded individuals have gathered to help promote the courage and understanding of going through this momentous change. All one has to do is to seek them out. If you are receiving this Blog, you already understand what’s going on even if it’s not on the surface of your consciousness, otherwise you would not have asked to be a member of my website.


Is it your fear of change that is preventing you from realizing what’s really going on? Are you too inured in the media that surrounds us all or in your own private pasts? Just because we are changing does not mean we forget or do not pay attention to what goes on around us. It is our function to bring The New Light into The New Earth. What is this New Light? It is a compilation of the crystalline energy of Earth-anchor yourselves into Earth, The Violet Flame of Saint Germain, A Liquid Golden Light, and Deep Purple Liquid Light and of course, The White Light of The Christos and Source. These New Lights flow in and out of you to aide you in achieving the frequencies and vibrations you are ready to receive. Call on them all and utilize them!


We are not alone. In point of fact, there were many groups from other planets that have been with us, many of whom helped to create humans as we are now. There has always been assistance prior to each geological Earth Change no matter what name this planet was given or where it was placed in this galaxy, but during this Now Time, the assistance we crave to help keep us steady with forward movement is right here. Again, all we have to do is ASK and this goes for any and everything. But there is a caveat: ASK IN LOVE BECAUSE LOVE IS THE ENERGY OF SOURCE or whatever you believe in as The Creator. If we begin to keep LOVE in our hearts and brains and minds we cannot fail because we become the creators, ourselves. Create wisely, dear friends. It is up to us with the help so readily available. I will leave you with this quote: “In order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.” David Ben-Gurion

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