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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, you were always told you could be what you wanted to be. However, in your now time on your now planet, this varies quite considerable due to the number of different civilizations in existence on your planet, and their diverging philosophies.


In the more well-to-do Western cultures, if the parents and their religious philosophies so agree, the off-spring are told they can be whatever it is they want to be without question and everything is done to help them fulfill their dreams. Among the less advantaged groups, of which there are many, the off-spring are now beginning to find their own way which is all well and good. But there are still families that insist the children follow in the footsteps of the parents. However, the dreams still remain alive in the minds of the younger generation and that is excellent because it gives them hope, and through hope comes a new belief that anything and everything is possible for them and for their own off-spring. In many Eastern cultures, those so denied the abilities to achieve their dreams are now rebelling and being successful at beginning to make their dreams a reality. This, of course, has led to some consternation among those set in their old traditions. But slowly and surely those rebelling in one way or another are winning. Yes, there are a few groups are still intent upon taking over the world. But that is not a definitive part of this blog. Keep reading.


If you are completely satisfied as to where you are in your life and in what you are doing, you are remarkable in today’s world. So many are chomping at the bit waiting for their retirement time to arrive or to find the next step to take, or live in the midst of stress and family crises, it is making them ill physically, emotionally, and mentally, because they have not searched deep in their hearts, brains and minds for the most important part of life – Loving Yourself. If you do not love yourself you cannot possibly love anything else, not really or fully, even if you are a parent with children or a person with pets. As a result, strange things begin to occur within your current physical structure but you do not investigate the cause.  Instead you often run for medical advice and sometimes find frightening things wrong with your bodies, or even stump these experts. Fear not. Everything that happens to you now is because you are not loving yourself. This is not a selfish thing in anyway because the meaning of loving yourself is going deep within yourself to find the REAL YOU and your REAL ROOTS IN SOURCE.


2015 is the year of loving yourself and creating miracles. You are destined to find the REAL YOU and your purpose for being. It has been planned and it has been written about and spoken about all year long, even though the year is young and this will continue.


It is agreed by all that there are many disturbing elements being thrown in your faces and emotional bodies daily, and you think, because you were taught to do so by your societal structures, that the only way to treat this is to cry, howl and retreat within yourselves. It is your function to off-set all of this by LOVING YOURSELF and therefore finding your TRUE SELF, your reason for being here now. It makes you selfless. It makes you strong because you are now in charge of you!  And what is more, as you begin to achieve this, you begin creating the miracles you so desperately desire! You can create or change anything you want by using your hard-drive brain, your mind, your heart and Love of Self.


It is not difficult to do. All that is required is to shift in your Attitude into Gratitude.  This is much more than being grateful for what you have: it is being grateful for learning that you, as a human, are part of the Angelic Forces and always were, and therefore can easily have everything at your fingertips if you only ask for help and it is there for you as long as you listen!


Here is another clue: if you want to embody Source, or whatever you believe in, you have to out-source, which means raising your consciousnesses upwards as well as inwards and know (believe) that everything will be fine because you, just as everything on your planet is empathic, which makes each and every one of you an empath. Humans are just beginning to realize this whereas all other life forms on Earth have reached upwards and inwards with the aid of their Angelic Guardians for eons.


As an empath, you are also gifted as a creator because you can see what is really going on, and if you go from your human mind into the Quantum, you can out-picture what is and replace it with what it should be. You no longer live in the Dark Ages and as a result, anything coming from those times into the planet now, can be changed – BY YOU, THE CREATORS OF WHAT WILL BE because each of you has changed and/or is in the process of changing and becoming what you were originally meant to be here on your planet Gaia, Earth, or whatever name it has ever been given, The Co-Creators with Source.



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