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“Once upon a time, way before Earth is as it is today, the populace had to ask the Gods for help and give copious gifts to these Gods usually in the forms of the crops they gathered or the meat they had, leaving them very little for themselves and their families. Those ‘gifts’ were always taken by the religious leaders and/or the self-appointed “chiefs.” To reiterate, that was eons ago. And as you well know, times have changed since those very early years upon Gaia/Earth, or have they, we hear you asking? But more on this at a later time. Please continue reading.”


“IF, and we mean this in capital letters, you think all the changes you have either witnessed or read about in your history books were momentous, just hold on to you hats. With the thinning and now dropping of the veil of separation between humans and All Energy, there is an even closer bond between each of you and your recently departed relatives. Please note we say recently departed, because those souls are the ones closest to you and the planet and have memory as to the latest round of events experienced personally by YOU. They can reach you and you can, if you so desire, reach them at any and all times, no matter what they or you are doing. They are as close to you as you are to you, and since you were together for their physical existences, even if it seemed they didn’t care about you or were abusive, they have been transformed due to what they have learned during their physical lives and are now available to assist you. You may have already found that out, especially if your own physical systems had not reacted normally on a daily basis but are doing much better now. Even if your recently departed family members gave you genetic structures that malfunctioned within you, they are there to help you now, together with all of the Ascended Masters of Healing and All Energy, to bring you, who are still in physical form, surcease from your trials and tribulations, otherwise known as ‘suffering.’”


“It was beaten into you that ‘suffering’ was the only way to achieve ‘heaven’ and this is true of just about every modern religion. However that is not a truism. It was foisted upon the populace to keep them (you) under control. Well, my dear ones, this no longer exists therefore, it is time for you to bless your old beliefs with love, and give them a strong but gentle kick out of your conscious mind, and most importantly, your subconscious mind. How best to change the subconscious? Take pen or pencil and paper and write over and over (at least 25 times a day) that you are free from the ancient ingrained patterns that have held you down. Speaking a Mantra and writing it are two different things! Writing it solidifies what it is you are seeking because it transfers from your brain, mind, via your hand to your subconscious. This used to be called ‘Rote Memorization’ and it worked. With all the modern ways of writing these days, it has been forgotten and thrown into disuse, but it must be brought back because the subconscious mind is a very special and secretive part of your totality and maintains what it has been given as truth as stead fastly as you maintain your homes and families. What is more, it holds on to beliefs that are no longer needed as you head, slowly but surely into The New Earth. It needs to be honed and cleaned out of the old no longer used thoughts, thoughts that have prevented you from achieving all you want for you and yours.”


“This of course, brings up the idea that most people believe that death if finite. It isn’t. Nothing is finite. If it were, there would not be any stories about hauntings nor would you have people who can really call upon those passed over for you to speak with, but now, you can do this yourselves. The age of mediumship extends to you of Earth, for not only is each and every person empathic, each and every person can now contact their relatives if they so choose, but know, even if you do not choose to do this, your recently departed relatives are translating your problems to your own Angelic Forces, who, in turn, are waiting for you to ask for help.”


“There is one caveat here that must be considered by you. All of your ancestors from Beginning to Beginning need to be brought into this newness and this takes work. Ancestral clearings can be done for you as there are many who are all over the Telesummits and radio pod casts who do this or you can try it for yourselves. However we must tell you it is not always a one shot deal. And this must never be done in anger but with deep love for all you have learned about yourselves.”


“Here is where you use your imaginations. Go into a mediation to do this: First allow the crystalline cord that is your connection to everything, emanate from your inner/sacred heart (your Love Center) through to Earth and pull up the crystalline Earth energy into your being. Then see that same cord reaching and touching All Energy and let that too, sweep into your totality. Take your time with this. There is no rush. Remember to breathe! You are now connected on all levels. Next see yourselves standing near all that ever was you and all of your parts. They may look like shapes and nothing more. That is fine. Introduce yourself to them, thank them for all they have taught you through their own histories and their genetics; now see them surrounded by liquid golden light. Ask their own Angelic Forces to come in to assist them and you. Let this light pour into them. Now bring in the Violet Flame of Saint Germain and a deep purple light and have this bathe them as well. You may have to explain you mean no harm, you just want them to be happy, healthy, and free from their own suffering and that you love them dearly and forgive them in gratitude. Forgiveness, Love and Gratitude are the keys here as they are the precursors to Freedom. When you feel a release, again send your love and thanks and forgiveness and gratitude. You may feel an instantaneous change within yourselves or it may come in a day or two, but feel it you most certainly will. Do this as many times as you need for you have all been around for a long, long time in many shapes and forms and on many planets. Your total life experience is multitudinous for you have always been and will always be all parts of All Energy as will those who come after you!”



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